Supporting the Socio-Educational Center of the Salesian Sisters of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice

Project location: ITALY, Roma
Project start date: October 2009 - Project end date: October 2010
Project number: 2009-50
Beneficiary: Fondazione Turriziani

"Fondazione Turriziani per le nuove povertà in Italia" is a private non-profit association that - according to the teachings of the Catholic Church - pursues objectives and social welfare through financial assistance, usually in the form of contributions to the costs endorsed by poor people, establishing scholarships and promoting volunteering in Italy. The recipients of the foundation's activities the poor or otherwise needy people in precarious economic conditions, infirm, disabled, drug addicts, people suffering from serious adverse events and in any case in such situations of distress, with special emphasis on children and the elderly. The Board of Directors may extend the measures mentioned above to other subjects, however, on assumptions linked to the purposes of the Foundation.

The Community of the Salesian Sisters offers a pleasant place for 14 minors who stay in the Care Home, 8 of them are little children and 6 adolescents under the care of Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and by the Social Services.
To answer the needs of the territory, in attempt to refrain the scholastic dispersion and to favour a possible integration of the street children, the Socio Educational Center has been laboriously realized, and the so-called Center might be the point of reference for the minors that are under the care home and also for those who are in the situation of half borders in it. The person responsible of the Center is Sister Giovanna Montagnoli, General Director of the Association VIDES (Volontariato Internazionale Donna Educazione Sviluppo).
The Socio Educational Center must be furnished with the adequate materials in order to realize the youth activities and in particular:

• 1 room-laboratory
It is predisposed to develop the artistic and manual ability of the minors.
Material needed: it would need tables, chairs, cabinets, oven for porcelain, materials to be used in laboratory activities.

• 1 room for scholastic purposes (animation and support )
Material needed: it would need tables, chairs cabinets, white boards, some computer and printer and some other materials to be used.

• 1 Reception hall to favour the socialization and integration
Material needed: it would need didactic games
o a video recorder
o a projector
o a simple recorder to hear music

• 1 secretary's office
Material needed: It would need a computer and a printer with its desk, a table, a cabinet and a copier.

The project co-funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation aims to furnish and complete the Socio Educational Center, after which it will be entrusted to the Salesian Sisters and the charity work will be sustained by the Sister's religious organization.

With the implementation of this project, it will be possible to strengthen the activities of the Care Home and to complete the renovation of the Socio Educational Center with the materials for the youth.

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