Supporting Construction and Renovation Works for the Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù

Project location: Cambodia, Takeo
Project start date: November 2009 - Project end date: May 2010
Project number: 2009-64
Beneficiary: Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù - Fondazione Bambino Gesù Onlus


Since 1994, the Bambino Gesù hospital doctors took part in missions in various parts of the world, performing hundreds of surgical operations and, in many of these countries, instruction and training. With some countries a collaboration was initiated in order to train foreign doctors and paramedics in Italy or, if necessary, to accommodate young foreign patients in Italian hospitals.
There are about forty foreign countries whose children, in the last fifteen years, have received the help from Ospedale Bambino Gesù, through a well thought-out program of charitable missions aimed at making medical examinations, surgery, build medical centres and perform carry out specialized training and update for the staff of the countries in greater need of paediatric expertise.
In Cambodia an agreement between the Government and the Bambino Gesù has led to the creation of a clinical and surgical pavilion of paediatrics both qualified and equipped, accessible to the poor, with doctors, medicines and equipment available for free at the Dunkeo Referral Hospital in Takeo, about 70 km south of the Cambodian capital Phnom Pehn.

The Clinical & Surgical Centre of the Takeo Hospital was renovated and constructed in 2006-2008. Many activities have been achieved, in synthesis the main goals at OBG Takeo are: 1) Training , 2) Sustainability.

Both issues are achieved through many actions.
A) Pilot Project with Ministry of Heath (MOH),available upon request
B) incentive program for local staff
C) continuous English language teaching
D) computer basic and advanced courses
E) data base installation
F) new OPD since August 2009
G) ultrasound diagnostics
H) IT data and many other

The age of assisted patients in the centre is from 0 to 18 years. The program provides free coverage of medical expenses, transportation, meals and accommodation for patients most in need and their families.
The centre consists of 27 beds for ordinary ward, 8 beds for intensive therapy (fully equipped), an infirmary, a room for doctors, an operating room, sterilization room, conference room and a games room.
The main clinical activities are treatment of gastro-enteric diseases and treatment of infectious diseases (Malaria, Dengue, encephalitis, meningitis, typhoid, nefrotoxic syndrome). Since January 2008, a service for the treatment of severe malnutrition has been activated.
The main surgical activities are reconstructive surgery (malformations of the face, hands, genital area, burns and scars), orthopaedic surgery (hands, malformed feet, pseudoarthrosis, bone deformities), cardiology (9 serious patients already transferred to Italy) and otolaryngology (acute otitis and chronic perforations, mastoiditis, colesteatoma).
In particular, in recent years there has been a growing need for specific assistance in otolaryngology surgery. Doctors at the centre identify every six months about 200 children who need surgery in this area.
The necessity of extending the Centre arouse in this past year, due to the enormous demand of paediatric care in the region of Takeo and other regions (Kompot, Kompong Saom and Kandal). OBG has been the first Organization to implement Paediatric care in the south of Cambodia (approx 2.5 million inhabitants).
The demand comes from very poor families, and free of charge health care is still absent in Cambodia. OBG supplies free of charge and most of all high quality services as for the means of the main Hospital in Rome.
In particular, the renovation works will imply also the realization of a new West Wing as follows:
Ground floor: 1 Sterilization room, 1 changing room, 1 bathroom for OT staff, 13 beds for recovery, 1 consultation/dressing room, 1 bathroom, 1 deposit.
1st Floor: 1 library, 1 bathroom, 1 consultation room, 1 administration room.

Activities will be respecting the Governmental guidelines, surgical cases are selected with great care and offered to the children of Cambodia free of charge as of main Program.
The new west wing will primarily allow implementation of the surgical activities (700 cases per year), secondarily will allow the exiting building to accept many more severe cases of children affected from clinical disease (Dengue, malaria Japanese encephalitis and many other).
The current surgical activities are approx 600-700 case per year, the clinical activities (admitted) approx 2200 cases per year.

The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to implement this project. The aim is a possible 40% increase of all the admissions. The outcomes will be a better spaces for children health care (ward and services), the opportunity for high level training of staff (library), workshops, and online access to international medical information (Online library, med line ecc.)

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