Distribution of Toys, Food and Clothing to Three Family Houses in Italy and Romania

Project location: Romania, Italy and Romania
Project start date: October 2009 - Project end date: March 2010
Project number: 2009-54
Beneficiary: Associazione Universo 2000


Universo 2000 is an Italian-Romanian association, working in Italy thanks to the availability of its volunteers, with the main purpose to help the foreigners (especially the Romanian) to find their way with the Italian bureaucracy.
It acts the following fields:

- information on rights and duties of foreign citizens
- assistance in applying for the Italian citizenship
- consultancy about employment and working contracts
- orientation on employment guidelines and vocational training courses
- assistance to local governmental procedures
- assistance about using the National Medical Service
- family counselling
- Assistance to the Romanian Consulate in Rome
- Financial services (loan for the first home)
- Real estate transactions in Romania
- Investments in Romania
- Phone center
- Transfer of money, "Money Gram"
- Distribution of food (to foreigners and elderly Italian)
- Culture and Sports
- Twinning of two schools, one in Ladispoli (Rome) and one in Romania - Codlea Brasov
- Care and shelter of Romanian children suffering from leukemia domiciled in Italy and Romania.

Another planned activity is the social and psychological assistance and accommodation for single mothers in difficulty.
The association Universe 2000, with the contribution of all its volunteers, has begun working at this project in October 2008, with the aim to pick up the greatest possible number of toys, food, educational material and garments to distribute during Christmas festivities to a family house located in Guidonia Montecelio (Rome), which hosts disabled children living in Guidonia Montecelio and in its surroundings; to the orphanage Santa Bustina, situated in Marcus (Romania) where 8 children aged 4-8 years live; and to the "Servicii Magura" Complex in Coclea Brasov (Romania) where 50 children aged 3 months - 10 years live.
The collection of material already had good results. The material was picked up in numerous collection points. Lawyer Pagano has personally visited the orphanages in Romania with the purpose to predispose all the necessary to deliver the picked material.
The organization asks a help to face the transfer costs of material to the structures, in particularly to Romania.

The main objective of this project co-funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation is to distribute the greatest number of games,  didactic material, food and toys to the Family Houses of the Province of Rome and to the House in Romania.

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