Construction of a Primary School

Project location: Congo, Democratic Republic, Lodja
Project start date: October 2009 - Project end date: September 2012
Project number: 2009-56
Beneficiary: FIDESCO

FIDESCO is an international NGO that sends volunteers on mission across the world to place their skills at the service of development projects and other humanitarian activities. FIDESCO's Projects are based on the principle of subsidiarity. All Projects of FIDESCO are in their conception and in practice for a limited period of time and they have to be conceived so that local institutions undertake the project in a mid term period of time. FIDESCO is not a big organisation but its projects are very successful. Today over a hundred FIDESCO Volunteers work in approximately thirty countries.
FIDESCO is a branch organization of the Emmanuel Community which has a network of motivated members in all countries where FIDESCO is engaged. Those Local volunteers are formed to be able to manage the projects on their own in a longer term.

The objective of the Project co-funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation is to build up a pilot primary school which will be a model in education of children from the very beginning (preschool), in order to start very early the structuring education of future leaders who will sooner or later face the challenges of the reconstruction of their country.

Three specific goals are defined:
• creation of preschool-classes to assure the best physical and mental preconditions for a good scholar education and a solid teaching of French language;
• development of a high quality school formation, based on personal tutorship and a permanent pedagogic formation of the teachers;
• bring the school to a financial balance within 4 years, in order to assure its long term existance.

Fidesco needs financial support for:
• construction of the buildings plus infrastructure of the building plus classroom infrastructure;
• teaching and pedagogic equipment;
• financing of the volunteers.

External finances are necessary for construction and starting investments. The project is to be financially balanced within four years. Teaching personnel will be selected so that a high teaching and pedagogic quality can be maintained.

The construction will start in 2009 and with the following steps:
• first preschool (50 pupils in 2 classrooms) and the first primary class (50 pupils) will open in 2010
• second preschool (50 pupils in two classes) and the second primary class (50 pupils)will open in 2011,
• third preschool (50 pupils in two classes) and the third primary class (50 pupils) will open in September 2012
• the fourth primary will open in september 2013
• the fifth will open in September 2014
• the sixth, in 2015

The school will be constructed step by step, one classroom after the other, on a peace of land in the municipality of Shinga, two classrooms per year during a period of 6 years.

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