Renovation of a Center for Assistance to Mothers and Children in Need at the San Camillo Hospital

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: December 2009 - Project end date: May 2010
Project number: 2009-60
Beneficiary: I diritti civili nel 2000- Salvabebè Salvamamme

The recent economic crisis has significantly increased the amount of families in need, overwhelming those who are disadvantaged and creating further or new situations of poverty. This state of things has consequently increased the number of requests to the Association.
The Association has stipulated an agreement with S. Camillo Hospital to improve the "Casetta Salvamamme" service, in order to allow for the reception of more people in need. The aim of the Association "I diritti civili nel 2000- Salvabebè Salvamamme" is to promote the health and the welfare of poor families and their children.
The rooms given from S. Camillo Hospital to implement the project "Salvamamme al San Camillo" require a great renovation.

Anticipated achievements or outcomes of this project co-funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation:
Psychological support, legal advice, medical assistance and material support to be given to at least 500 families on a yearly basis and/or to at least 500 children aged 0 to 3 on a yearly basis. Awareness campaign to promote charity work with the involvement of 40 new volunteers and professionals. The restructuring of the space given to the association will allow for the activation of the free services listed above.

The Association "I Diritti Civili nel 2000 - Salvabebè/Salvamamme" has been working to prevent infanticide for the past ten years, it has also conceived and now carries out the project "the youngest and the smallest in a new civil society" though Salvabebè and the Salvamamme Center.
The Salvabebè free telephone number (h24) has worked in cooperation with Policlinico Umberto I Hospital for the last six years and receives an average of 150 "life-saving" phone calls a year, it's a strong way to prevent the abandoning of new born children, and to let people know about giving birth anonymously.
The Salvamamme Center, operating since 2002, is funded by the Regione Lazio- Social Politics, with the help of the Italian Police, and helps more than 3600 mothers of 87 different countries and more than 5000 babies giving them legal, psychological, and sanitary advice for free and assistance for their basic needs.
The central office has 450 square meters of stock rooms where indispensable items are distributed (such as dresses, prams, nappies) thanks to professionals and volunteers and the help of 5000 families all around the region. These families are part of Club Salvamamme and help provide used clothes, food and other goods.
Professional workshops have been organized to help mothers under care to gain employment. The project has been under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic since 2003.
S. Camillo Forlanini Hospital is working on refurbishing the "Casetta Salvamamme" in response to hundreds of requests coming from not only the Hospital but also many of the area's families in need.
S. Camillo Forlanini Hospital also runs a new born infant pathology department, helped by the project "Salvamamme Family trainer", which supports families with premature, ill or disabled children who are hospitalized at S. Camillo.
The Association "I Diritti Civili nel 2000- Salvabebè /Salvamamme" also started the "Nutritional Center for Babies" in December 2009 which aims to support mothers and babies with food and will be aided by the Comune di Roma and the Italian Red Cross. The Association is under the Patronage and has the support of Regione Lazio- Social Politics, cooperating with the Municipality, Boards, Associations and above all with Roman Hospitals. In 2008 the Association signed a protocol agreement with the Italian Red Cross.
The activities developed in relation to Salvamamme at S. Camillo Hospital are the following:
Support services for mothers in difficulty: (All services listed below are provided free of charge)
- Psychological counseling for the reception, analysis of needs, support to mothers during the difficult period of pregnancy and maternity;
- Pediatric advice;
- Gynecological consulting;
- Counseling about breastfeeding;
- Legal Advice;
- Distribution of clothing, goods and food for children

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