Integrated Child Welfare And Health Service For Poor Children

Project location: India, Kurnool
Project start date: August 2009 - Project end date: August 2010
Project number: 2009-28
Beneficiary: Kurnool Rural Development Health Society

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Ready for lunch
Kurnool Rural development Health Society is a registered voluntary organization for the improvement of Social, political and Economical conditions of the poor in Andhra Pradesh in India. Ever since its formation in 2001, the organization has taken up various development activities mainly in 6 villages of Kallur and Kurnool mandals of Kurnool district.
Most of the rural poor are illiterate and are not fully aware of their rights and duties. They live a ‘hand to mouth life' and are content with that and say to themselves it is their ‘KARMA'. Therefore, "Kurnool Rural Development Health Society" views education of the poor as the basic step for development.
Liberation from the social, political and economical bondage age can be achieved only through united action. With this view in mind the KRDHS organizes all the poor, mainly the socially backward, into associations called Sanghams, irrespective of caste and creed barriers. All our activities are centered around this Sangham. These Sanghams conduct meetings to discuss various social, political and economical issued and take necessary actions. Social issues like untouchablity, economical issues like low wages, economical needs of the members, how to tap them from the various Government and other commercial institutions, political institutions etc., are discussed and necessary action is taken in these Sangham meetings. The sanghams select their own leaders and they are given training at various levels.

Along with the Sangham leaders  KRDHS approaches the concerned Government and commercial institutions and mobilizes economical programmes for the Sangham Members. Most of the members in these Snaghams have availed loans from the Bank for agriculture, irrigation, milk animals etc.
KRDHS plans to extended its activities to another 6 villages in the Kurnool Mandal. The expansion programme is planned to the more remote villages of the Mandal. The main drawbacks in these village are lack of health facilities. Therefore, the organization also plans to include health services along with integrated child development programmes.

KRDHS is planning to start its activities in 6 villages more in the Mandal of Kurnool, the names of which are:

S.No Name of the village Population Population of children
1.      Gondiparla (SC Group) 500     50 Small children
2.     Jolapuram         "             400      35      "
3.     Nuthanapalli      "            500      40      "
4.     Budithapadu      "            600      45      "
5.     Salkapuram        "           400       50     "
6.     Nagalapuram     "            500      45       "

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The project co-funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation aims to support and improve the living conditions of these children, organizing a day care center for the small children, between the age group of 2 to 6 years. On average 30 percent of the children will be taken care of in terms of medical care, hygiene, entertainment and basic education. The children come to the center in the morning and will be there till afternoon. Morning time will be for education and at noon, after food, they will take rest for some time and afterwards to play either in the center of within the campus. After 3 P.M. they will be sent back to their homes.
Weekly or once in 15 days, a doctor visits these centers to see the least conditions of these children and provide adequate treatment. While in the center, the children cleanliness will be taken care of besides the parents will be instructed to maintain cleanliness by occasionally discussing with the mothers. The centers will be equipped with adequate educational and play materials. Besides the welfare of the children, the parents of small children can go to work, without the fear of the children not being taken care of by anybody.

Training will be given to 6 trainers for first ten days on Sangham concept, methodology of Balwadi centers, conducting Sangham meetings, writings minutes of Sangham meetings and accounting work, various development programmes of the Government and to tap them etc. This training will be followed by 10 days training in basic health work.

The Sangham will be provided with funds, the remuneration to be paid to the teachers. The teachers shall be paid through the Sangham and in this way they will be more responsible to the Sanghams.
A doctor from the nearby city shall be called to visit one of the center village at least one time in a week. However he should be given some remuneration as quite common in this area. This scheme is meant not only for employment but also for saving the children from disease, because the Doctor in his weekly visits to the Balwadi centers will also visit the village and treat the sick and the pregnant women.

Kurnool Rural Development Health Society

H.No.81/158-H4, Parvathi Nagar, Kurnool - 518 002.
Andhra Pradesh (South India)

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