Strengthening the Educational Level of the Population of Kondo-Tshumbe

Project location: CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, East Kasai
Project start date: September 2010 - Project end date: August 2011
Project number: 2010-23


First phase: September 2010-May 2011

After a small reformulation, approved by the Nando Peretti Foundation on March 9th 2011, the project of the construction of the new school of Yale, in Kondo-Tshumbe, East Kasai (DR of Congo) began at the beginning of April 2011. The primary activity focused on the purchase and transport of materials. The main difficulty of the project is the poor infrastructure in and around the remote areas

in the Democratic Republic of Congo, as the area in which this project is beingdeveloped. After the acquisition of materials in the town of Lodja, the closest "town" to the village of Yale, the transportation of the bags of cement were carried on bicycles, as the pictures show. The water was transported in jugs and all the community was very involved. The men of the village were more than happy to help and have some work to do.

The foundation of the school was laid in iron and cement and construction of some of the walls has started. The work is labor-intensive; however, it has been done thoroughly, ensuring that the school will be sturdy and stand the test of time under a harsh climate. The intensive labour put into the laying of the foundation has also guaranteed that the community of Yale is very involved and committed to the school.

Second phase: May - September 2011

Construction of the school has almost reached completion. Brick and cement walls have gone up, roofs installed, and furniture put in place in two of the three wings of the school. As shown by the pictures, the third wing is almost finished as well. The two completed wings have been equipped with wooden desks, 124 so far in total. The project is being worked on daily

by the local carpenters. In the meantime, construction of the school has not delayed the beginning of the school year. The community of Yale has begun the school year in an open-walled shed, using

wood planks for lessons, similar to the conditions of the lessons given previously. While this confirms that the local community is eager to educate their children in any condition, we also believe that the convenience of desks, shelter from inclement weather conditions, and real didactic materials will greatly improve the ability of the children to obtain a quality education.

Third phase: September 2011- October 2012

Construction of the third wing was delayed due to instability following Congo's presidential elections in November 2011. Due to this difficult and unstable sociopolitical enviroment, communication with local partners was at times difficult to achieve. Spring and its heavy rains also caused damage - such as mapening several cointainers of cement - and more delays on the construction of the last building. But by early summer, the third wing was finally completed. The workers carefully painted the complex blue and white, and built latrines. Meanwhile classes continued with 320 students in provisional sheds until they were able to transfer to their new classrooms. The number of students is expected to increase this coming year.

As shown in the pictures, the three wings of the school are equipped with wooden desks. Didactic materials are available for the students at the library.

Last school year classes began in an open shed. This year, the community has a new school. After the difficulties of the past year and obstacles in the way of receiving their education, the community is now even more eager for their children to pursue a good education. News of the school is reaching other villages, with more and more children hoping to enroll in this school.

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