Child Survival in a Changing Climate

Project location: WORLDWIDE, Various Countries
Project start date: August 2010 - Project end date: August 2012
Project number: 2010-24
Beneficiary: Associazione Witness Image



The project "Child Survival in a Changing Climate" foresaw the development of seven photo-reportages on the following topics:

- The desertification phenomenon of Gobi Desert (Mongolia) each year causes, to a lack of grassland the death of millions farm animals, the only good survival of nomadic families.

- The issue of rising sea level in the Gulf of Bengal (Bangladesh), makes coastal areas unfit to being inhabited and at the same time causes migration. Every year there are significant movements of population from rural to urban areas, which cause new environmental problems mainly in suburbs of the main cities for a total lack of hygiene and health care.

- The impact of climate change on malaria (Zambia). The increase in rainfall, temperatures and humidity favour the survival of parasites and mosquitoes and the consequent transmission of the disease to thousands of children.

- The risk of flooding Tsho Rolpa glacial of lake (Nepal). Climate change linked to rising temperatures are causing the withdrawal of the Hindu Kush Himalayan glaciers, causing an alarming rise in water level of lake, endangering the survival of entire farmers families who live in different villages in the Rolwaling Valley.

- The eco-refugees, thousands of Somali families have fled drought, took refuge in the Dadaab refugee camp (Kenya), the largest UNHCR-run refugee camp in the world.

- The increase of desertification in Sahel (Burkina Faso). Climate change continues to affect violently this area, leading to: agricultural products decline, change in the rivers flow with their continuing silting up. The increase of desertification creates problems for the survival of entire families for the lack of water and grass fields for livestock.

- The importance of renewable wind energy, through the Asia's largest wind farm in Dhule (India)

In October 2011, the Nando Peretti Foundation and Witness Image made an initial evaluation of project results and agreed that the corpus of images was sufficiently explanatory to be presented to the public through exhibitions and publications. It was then decided not to carry out the additional three trips originally scheduled (Brazil, Chad and China), allocating the remaining amount of the grant to communication and outreach activities.

In September 2012 the Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia in partnership with Unicef, supported the exhibition of the project "Child Survival in a Changing Climate, in Milan. Approximately 100 photographs were exhibited and a video was shown of the project "Child survival in a chaging climate". The event was a great success, covered by several media and followed by the invitation for a new exhibition to be held in Rome and sponsored by the Provincia di Roma.

The exhibition was held in Rome, Palazzo Valentini, from 23 to 31 October 2012, under the auspices of Provincia di Roma.

The "Child Survival in a Changing Climate" project was awarded:

- Runner-up, Luis Valtueña 15th International Humanitarian Photography Award 2012, Spain

- Gold winner of the Nature and Environment category,The 3rd Asia Press Photo contest 2012, China.

- 2nd Place Environment Picture Story,The Best of Journalism 2012, USA.

- The Asia winner of the Global Wind Day photo competition 2012, Belgium.

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