Kibale Libraries

Project location: UGANDA, Kibale
Project start date: February 2009 - Project end date: December 2011
Project number: 2008-37
Beneficiary: Books Open The World in Uganda

The foundation ‘Books Open the World' with ‘Kibale Libraries Project' opened two new community libraries in 2010 - in Kitumba and Kasenda villages. These libraries are clocated near to primary (Kasenda) and secondary school (Kitumba).
BOTW is renting one room for each community library, from private owner at the trading centre. Each room was painted by local people from the village, and we ordered furniture for the libraries at the local carpenter in the village. Soon after, both libraries were ready for use with shelves on walls, desks and chair for librarian, tables and benches for readers. BOTW hired women from these villages as librarians and pays them monthly salary for part-time work (4 hrs a day, six days a week). Additionally, BOTW provides the librarians with boots to commute to work when it rains. Both libraries received 10 boxes with books in English that were sent from US (in 2007), and 1 box of books in local language (Rutooro) and books of African writers that were bought by our volunteer Victor Lawrence in Kampala, Uganda.
This libraries participate now also in weekly, Saturday meetings with children. During those afternoons, librarians read a story for children and then children have time to draw pictures from the story that they just listened. For this, BOTW provides each library with paper, coloured crayons and pencils.

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