Donation of Medicines to the Archdiocese of Kigali, Rwanda

Project location: Rwanda, Kigali
Project start date: June 2006 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2006-06
Beneficiary: Diocese Caritas Kigali


This project, which received a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation,  takes place in the clinics of Rwankuba and Munanira Nyange.

The Rwankuba clinic provides medical care to a population of 12,781 people, who come from four regions of Rushashi, Muhondo, Muyongwe and Coko, offering the following services:

• Advice and care - an average of 125 patients seen per day
• Hospitalization - an average of 30 hospitalized patients per day
• Vaccinations
• nutritional services
• Free HIV / AIDS Test. The center also coordinates three associations of people with this virus.

The Rwankuba clinic employs:
- 11 nurses with college degrees
- 1 nurse with secondary school certificate
- 1 accountant with a high school diploma
- 2 laboratory assistants with college degrees
- 1 social worker, with a high school diploma
- 2 social workers with five years of secondary school certificate
- 6 general assistance workers.
The center also cares for several cases of malaria, diarrhea, intestinal worms and malnutrition daily.

The Nyange Munanira clinic is located in the Coko region, Gaseke district (northern province) and offers health care to a population of over 13,305 people through counseling and treatment (with an average of 100 patients seen per day) hospitalization (about 55 inpatients a day), maternity (10 births per day on average), prenatal counseling (an average of 25 pregnant women a day), nutritional services and vaccinations. In addition, the center often treats illnesses such as respiratory infections, malaria and diarrhea.
Its area of influence includes nine villages, including areas outside the district of Gaseke (patients in the district of Muhanga).
The staff of this center is composed of:
- 10 nurses, with high school diploma
- 1 social worker, with high school diploma
- 5 general assistance workers.

The project aims to purchase drugs for patients of two clinics. Local people will contribute to health care paying 10% of the total cost. The donation will also be used to purchase food and supplements needed to administer a balanced diet to malnourished children. The organization also intends to buy two microscopes, one for each of the two centers.

Diocese Caritas Kigali
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