Improve the Living Conditions of the Abandoned Cats of Formentera

Project location: SPAIN, Formentera
Project start date: April 2011 - Project end date: April 2011
Project number: 2010-52
Beneficiary: Acción Francisco e.V.

The Animal Protection Society Acción Francisco e.V. was founded in January 1996. The aim of the Society is to improve the living conditions of animals on Formentera. Since 1997 the Association has organised the neutering/castration and spaying of 3.200 stray tomcats and female cats on the island.

The stray cats on the island have almost no chance of being adopted. There are simply too many of them, and so they remain homeless. By means of neutering/castration, veterinary treatment in case of illness or injury and by applying food these animals will have a chance for a dignified life. The project goal is to neutering/castrate and spaying 150 cats living in the island. Neutering/castrate male cats and spaying female cats offers a number of health benefits that will ensure a long, happy life for these animals.

The male and female cats are caught in special traps and neutered by the vet. Then they are given time to recover. The vet checks them again before they are set free at the place where they were caught. Each cat is marked with a nick in the left ear while still under the anaesthetic.

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