Sponsoring the Solo Exhibition "Young in the Future" by Olimpia Ferrari

Project location: Italy, Rovereto
Project start date: July 2011 - Project end date: October 2011
Project number: 2011-03
Beneficiary: MART

In July 2011, the Nando Peretti Foundation has renewed its support to the work of Olimpia Ferrari, by awarding a grant to sponsor a solo exhibition of her most recent photographic project, titled "Young in the Future" at the MART (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Trento and Rovereto), an internationally recognized Museum.

The exhibition takes place in the space dedicated to young artists, Gallery B of the first floor of the museum. The Opening Reception was held on July 2, 2011 and the exhibition will be open until October 30, 2011. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog, bilingual Italian and English, which presents previous artist productions and the works on display, as well as an introductory essay.

The MART (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto) was established in 1987 as an independent institution of the Autonomous Province of Trento brings together three sites: the headquarters of the Museum in Rovereto, La Casa d'Arte Futurista that reopened to the public in Rovereto in January 2009, and the Renaissance Palazzo delle Albere in Trento.

The headquarters of the MART in Rovereto opened in December 2002 and were designed by Mario Botta an architect from Ticino, and Giulio Andreolli, engineer from Rovereto. The Mart is one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art in Italy. More than 200,000 people come to visit the Museum every year. It holds a permanent collection of over 12,000 works on display in rotation for thematic concepts, and collections, and has produced 130 shows in just over six years. But above all, the museum has produced exhibitions regarding original and innovative topics involving high profile scientific committees at every opportunity. Among the major exhibitions :"The Dance of the Avant-garde", on the intertwining of visual arts and dance theater, and exhibitions as "Mountain art science myth", "Mitomacchina" ,"The Word in Art", "The Century of Jazz". The Mart is very active internationally, with exchanges and joint projects realized together with major museums in the world.

Olimpia Ferrari was born in Rome, and currently lives and works in the East Village, NY. She recently graduated from the School of the International Center of Photography, where she gained the Bard- ICP Master in Advanced Photographic studies. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in New York, London, Saint Petersburg, Paris and Rome.

In Ferrari's recent work photography is used to interpret memory and the search for identity. She uses various movie star figures, some friends and some strangers. A strong tension between anonymity and individuality can be felt into the multiple portraits. The private is hidden behind the public and the sense of identity becomes a product of manipulation.


"To me, it works as a diary made of apparently disconnected personal and public pictures, direct and fictional life moments crisscrossing in different narratives.
I photograph friends and strangers alike in the belief that my own being is found in union with those I take pictures of.
One of the most difficult things to navigate for any person is to reconciliate their own being with social, cultural and historical baggage. My intention is to make work that addresses the multiple layers of these varying and often opposing stories."

Olimpia Ferrari

think global, act local
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