Internal Restructuring of "Family home 8" of SOS Village in Rome

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: July 2011 - Project end date: December 2011
Project number: 2011-04
Beneficiary: Villaggio SOS di Roma




The SOS Children's Village in Rome has as its purpose the temporary care of children under conditions of personal familiar and society's hardship. In particular, it welcomes children whose families are temporarily unable or incapable of performing their tasks.
The Village aims to provide children with a family-like environment and to ensure them a serene mental and physical growth, in view of the desirable return with the family. If family reunification or adoption and foster care pathways are not possible, the reception is continuous until the date of adequate autonomy, understood as a young man's ability to lead and manage their own life to reach a dignified integration into society. In the wider community of the village, children establish stable human relationships that contribute to the creation of an "extended family".

The SOS Children's Village in Rome is run by "SOS Village Cooperative of Rome" made April 6, 1970, registered at the Regional Service Cooperatives and NPO (Italian ONLUS) classified according to D.Lgs. 460/97. The cooperative is made up of citizens who choose to be volunteer members in the Assembly members of the Board of Directors, responsible for the management of the Village.
The Village has been operating for more than 25 years in the territory, guaranteeing a very high standard of quality in services offered. The presence of socially motivated and qualified professional staff together with the attention paid to nursing homes with an architectural design pedagogically sound, have made that the idea of stability of human relationships and the warmth of a home would become the pillars of the project.

The 8 housing-units forming the Village were built on an area of about three acres, purchased through a generous donation received in the period of the formation of the SOS Children Village's cooperative. Since its establishment in Rome to date, the SOS Children's Village has grown and has transformed itself to meet the changing needs of the area. Today it is an integrated service in the urban context, recognized by the City of Rome and operating in the children protection area. Currently it welcomes children and young people sent by the public social services. Each child is followed with individualized interventions that involve relationships with the natural families, which are supported where possible by an internal counselling service, in favour of parenting. To guarantee the high quality of works, these services are made up by professionals (residents and not residents) and volunteers.

The 8 houses of the SOS Village in Rome need false ceiling works in their living rooms, kitchens, cupboards, entries, bathrooms, and corridors. Installing lower, insulated ceilings in the houses can reduce the cost of the heating in winter and thus can continue to provide a welcoming environment for children whilst saving money which can be used to address the other pressing needs.
Once the restoration works will be completed, children's accommodation will be easier and more economical to heat. A significant reduction in fuel costs is expected.

False ceiling works will be realized in living rooms, kitchens, cupboards, entries, bathrooms and corridors.
Moreover, the following works will be carried out:
- Supply and laying in work of metal structure with perimetrical to wall doubled struts (for the ampleness of the environment, with tension rods to the old ceiling).
- Positioning of isolating rock wool, positioning of cardboard - chalk panels, points stuccoing whit net.
- Assembly of cardboard-chalk panels with extruded polystyrene, positioned on the same structure. Stuccoing of joints with net.
- Painting works of the entire structure, sand paper and painting of the ceiling with semi-washable colours.

In 2012 this project received another grant.



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