Internal Restructuring of "Family home 8" of SOS Village in Rome

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: July 2011 - Project end date: December 2011
Project number: 2011-04
Beneficiary: Villaggio SOS di Roma

FINAL REPORT [2011-04]

The SOS village in Rome recognises the fundamental right of every child to grow up and to receive education within their own family. In cases where families experience temporary difficulties which prevent them from being able to look after their children adequately, the Village offers a safe and comfortable family environment with a supervised education programme to ensure each child's development. The houses in the SOS Village are organised such that each small group of between four and six children is cared for by a permanent and stable team of two carers, supported by a team of support workers and volunteers.

 Within the Village at Rome, there are 5 houses, currently providing shelter for 25 children. There is also a day centre providing childcare and educational support for local families, and child and parent counselling service.

 House 8

House number 8 was opened in 1986 when the village was first inaugurated. The house became due for restructuring as part of a general maintenance program which SOS Children's Villages was able to complete thanks to the generous donation from The Nando Peretti Foundation.

 In the course of the reconstruction, the children's bedrooms were enlarged and disabled facilities were added to one bathroom as required by local legislation (Norma regionale del Lazio n. 41; 12 Dec 2003).

 The work

The children and furniture were moved to their new house, where similar works had recently been completed. The workers arrived on 25 June 2011 and proceeded with the demolition of the internal walls and the removal of the old bathroom furnishings. It was strange to see the house so empty and difficult to imagine how it would be once the work was complete. The builders continued with their work and the new spaces quickly took form. First the new bedrooms, at fourteen square meters, each bedroom can house two children; then the bathrooms, modernised with new showers and disabled facilities. Once the structural work was complete, ceilings and walls were replasterd and painted and the workers left on 25 September.

 Now the village is ready to welcome a new SOS family of up to six children.

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