“inaudita - Meraviglie inedite del ‘600 italiano” Concert in the framework of the MUSEI in MUSICA Festival

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: November 2010 - Project end date: December 2010
Project number: 2010-65
Beneficiary: Musica Antiqua Latina

The inaudita project, promoted by Musica Antiqua Latina under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Culture, is an ongoing project aimed at performing ancient music in historical locations, in order to create a vital link between the Italian baroque music repertoire and its historical sites, and to put the masterpieces of Italian paintings and architecture in the appropriate musical landscape.
In the framework of this project, Musica Antiqua Latina has been asked by the City of Rome, through its company Zètema, to perform Italian baroque music related to the work of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as "il Guercino", in the sala Altoviti of Palazzo Venezia in Rome. The concert shall be repeated four times, from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m., during the special night opening "MUSEI in MUSICA", on November 20, 2010.
Musica Antiqua Latina will take part in "MUSEI in MUSICA" with an ensemble composed of two violinists (Luca Giardini and Farran James Sylvan), a cellist (Giordano Antonelli), and an organist (Alberto Bagnai). The programme will feature works of Frescobaldi, Uccellini, Bassani, Bononcini, Marini, and Kapsberger. The chronological development of the programme follows closely the career of G.F. Barbieri, from the beginning in Bologna, to his Roman period, when he frescoed the Casino Ludovisi at the same time in which Frescobaldi wrote his Canzone and Kapsberger his Sinfonie, back to Bologna, where he ended his career in the same years in which Uccellini was publishing his innovative work for violin.
The head of Palazzo Venezia National Museum, Dr. Andreina Draghi, has put at the performers' disposal the 6th (Italian painting) and 7th (Altoviti frescos) rooms of the Museum, providing for their soundproofing. Musica Antiqua Latina will therefore perform at the presence of Guercino's St. Peter penitent (oil on canvas).
Owing to the success of the past edition, the "MUSEI in MUSICA" festival is an invaluable opportunity to bring the Italian baroque music heritage to the attention of a wide public, and to activate multiplier effects that will ensure the sustainability of the inaudita project. In particular, following the great success obtained in the previous edition of Musei in Musica (2009), Musica Antiqua Latina has been able to obtain a letter of intents from the Director of the Archivio di Stato at S. Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome, where the Archivio takes a commitment to host at no costs the performances of Musica Antiqua Latina. This has been a significant achievement, owing to the fact that the location costs are an important component of the budget of every musical event. We are confident that the participation in the 2010 edition will bring about similar outcomes.

Founded in 2000 by the cellist and conductor Giordano Antonelli, Musica Antiqua Latina is an ensemble specialized in the Italian baroque repertoire, performing on original instruments. The Associazione culturale Musica Antiqua, a registered not-for-profit association, provides the required administrative support. The aim of Musica Antiqua Latina is to create a vital link between the Italian baroque repertoire and its historical sites and figures, and to breathe life into original locations, by rendering the Italian baroque musical masterpieces in the churches and halls in which they were first performed.
In its first decade of activity the ensemble has developed an intense and high level activity, featuring, among the most recent events, "Musica Storica" Festival 2005 (Istituto Culturale Portoghese, Rome), "Primavera Musicale Barocca" 2006 (Oratorio San Girolamo della Carità, Rome), "Bologna International Process" 2006 (Sala Nervi, Vatican City), "Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte" 2006-2007 (Montepulciano, Italy), MUSICA RESERVATA 2006-2007 (Rome), Radio3 Concerti del Quirinale 2008 (Rome), MUSEI in MUSICA 2009 (Rome). The musicological research carried out by its conductor has led to the discovery of a large number of unpublished masterworks in the historical archives of Rome, some of which have been performed in the locations were they were first created (such as Alessandro Scarlatti's unpublished Opus in the St. Girolamo della Carità oratory).
The ensemble is also open to innovative experiences such as avant-garde fusion with distinguished rock and jazz performers, in an effort to bridge the gap between different musical languages and to gain the largest possible audience to the Italian musical heritage.

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