Creation of a Student Hall of Residence in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic Of Congo

Project location: CONGO, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, Lubumbashi
Project start date: September 2009 - Project end date: August 2010
Project number: 2009-46
Beneficiary: FIDESCO

During this first reporting period, all activities implemented are related with the construction of the planned student hall for 24 female students built near the university campus of Lubumbashi, the "Foyer Jean Paul II".
Content of this report:
1. Organigram of the local team
2. Evolution of the construction
3. Divergences and explanations

1. Organigram of the local team
The local team that ensures the progress of the construction is composed as follows:
1 project director

1 project coordinator

1 supervisor of the building site 1 financial supervisor

2 engineers for the technical follow-up of the building site

1 bookkeeper

1 entrepreneur and staff (masons) 

The director of the project assumes the responsibility of the construction and the equipment of the student hall as well as of the implementation of the additional formation foreseen for the 24 female students.
The coordinator of the project coordinates all staff involved in the project and monitors the progress of the project; during the period covered by this report, she has also been buying the construction materials, with the support of the supervisor of the building site and the two technicians.
The supervisor of the building site is permanently on the site and regularly reports to the project coordinator on the progresses and issues regarding the construction. He also supervises the stock of the building materials.
Two engineers implement the technical follow up of the construction to ensure an optimal quality check.

2. Evolution of the construction
At the very beginning, the building site had to be cleared, weeded and cleaned; then, a barrier has been bought and installed all around the site and fixed by stones. Due to the rugged area, the plans of the fundaments had to be changed. So far, the fundaments of the building have been set up on time and the elevation has been achieved: the windows and the doors have been installed, and the roof will be set up in the coming weeks. Plumbing and electricity works have started.
Additionally, a little maisonette as well as toilets have been built up for the watchmen and the masons. A container has been put on the site to store the materials and the tools.

3. Divergences and explanations
Some slight delay in the construction is due to the difficulties encountered with the first local entrepreneur. One local architect had been selected after conducting negotiations and comparisons among several local entrepreneurs. Despite his good reputation in the area and the quality of some of his previous constructions, he revealed to be inappropriate to the needs of the project and had to be fired: amongst others, the management of his masons was not satisfactory.
The cohesion of the local team, its professionalism and its large local network has permitted a quick and effective resolution of the deficient management of the building site. The project coordinator has selected and hired another local entrepreneur at the beginning of June: nowadays, eight dynamic masons work very efficiently on the building site and the delay is being caught up and this contretemps won´t affect the general construction of the student hall.

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