Creation of a Student Hall of Residence in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic Of Congo

Project location: Congo, Democratic Republic, Lubumbashi
Project start date: September 2009 - Project end date: August 2010
Project number: 2009-46
Beneficiary: FIDESCO


Final Report, February 2012

 Project background:

35.000 students, live and study in Lubumbashi. They are spread out over 12 faculties and 2 universities. This is four times more students as it was originally planed. So the infrastructure for the students (accommodation, food supply...) are far too insufficient. The students often share a two-bedroom with 5 other students. Especially young ladies coming from poorer backgrounds are in danger to be forced to pay their rents in "nature", a first step towards prostitution.

FIDESCOS answer to this problem is the construction of a student hostel. The "Foyer Jean Paul II" will welcome 24 young ladies. This house should permit them to study under better conditions and it will give them the opportunity to work on their own personality.

 State of Affairs:

Most of the work has been done until the end of 2010. Unfortunately the site foreman died and the construction had to be stopped for a moment. The team restarted the project so that today, the first step of construction of the "Foyer Jean Paul II" has been achieved: the House is finished.

The second step including electricity, plumbing, painting, furniture, teaching equipment, etc. will start in March 2012 and is planned to be achieved in June 2012.

The House should be ready for the beginning of the next university year in September 2012. The recruitment of the team (House responsible, Tutors) has already begun so that 24 young female students will be able to settle in in September, live together and do their studies under best conditions. They will be accommodated for the period of their studies. They will also benefit from an additional human formation which will strengthen their personality and help them for their integration on the labour market.

Every day, after the courses they will come back to the Foyer, have diner together and then they will take part in the following evening activities:

Personality development:

there will be open lectures and workshops about:

· how to build up a personality

· Fundamental Moral: Liberty/Truth/conscience

· social studies (principle of subsidiarity...)

· labour efficiency

· family ethics


Tutorial System

The tutorial System consists in a accompaniment in the studies In two steps:

· general teachings about work efficiency, how to better organise my studies, time management, how to better memorise, etc.

· individual tutorship in each studied discipline, including:

· individual learning-methods-improvement

· Studying time management

· individual problem-analysis in the studies and reflection about solutions

· definition of a future professional plan

· reflections about personal civic involvement

3. Community life

At the beginning of the university year, the students will be divided in groups of 6. Each of those 3 teams will have a responsible and they will be in charge of the whole house management like cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, gardening, etc.


Expected Results

For the young ladies in the house


1. improvement of university results

1.1. marks and appriciations of the professors

1.2. success rate at the exams

2. improvement in the way of living ones personal life

3.1. Level of personal satisfaction of the participoants

3.2. evaluation of the responsible of the foyer



Despite the delays, caused by the death of the site foreman, and due to other small problems, like Water supply and other local restrictions which are quite normal for a construction project in that region, our team has successfully built up this house, so that the Foyer Jean Paul II can start its work soon.

Nando Peretti Fondations support permitted to start the project by financing a substantial part of the construction of the building.


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