Supporting the Immigration Desk for the Immigrants in Guidonia Montecelio, Rome, Italy

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: December 2009 - Project end date: September 2010
Project number: 2009-48
Beneficiary: Associazione Universo 2000

The "Immigration Desk" offers social and general information services to the whole immigrant population in the municipalities of Guidonia Montecelio, Sant'Angelo Romano, Nerola and Marcellina.

The activities that the association offers thanks to the work of volunteer personnel are the following:

- activities of information and trend;
- assistance to local governments;
- assistance for to use of the National Medical Service;
- family counseling;
- consular assistance;
- assistance at the Prefecture;
- rights and duties of foreign citizens;
- assistance for applying for the citizenship;
- consultancy for contracts and employment relationships;
- orientation of employment guideline.

The goal of the Association Universo 2000 is to create a system of mediation and support for the immigrants, providing information tools for the correct use of the services and facilities in the territory of the municipality of Guidonia Montecelio and beyond. The project provides for  a work team consisting of two social operators and a coordinator.
The citizens will be followed in different areas (work, school, home, health, legality, spare time). The task of the operators will be to accompany and to support the immigrants, trying to enhance their productivity as much as possible. The task of the operators will be also to implement a social mediation, if needed, resolving any conflicts that may arise in situations of social inclusion in different social contexts from those of origin.

The project intends to face the problem implementing the following activities:
- activities to gather information related to the public and private territorial situations and activation of the necessary relationship for an operative service;
- publicizing the project;
- collecting and analyzing  the needs of the immigrant citizens;
- activity of mediation between the operators of the various  services and/or services usable by immigrants;
- protection and study of the different cultures;
- legal consultancy.

The Nando Peretti Foundation awarded a grant for this project to enhance respect,  safeguard and development of  international cultures and mediation between the local culture and those of the immigrants. The main objective is to accompany the immigrant toward a viable insertion in society and a full independence in Italy.
During the first year of the activity many people have devoted their leisure time and their availability to the project, as well as voluntary contributors. Universo 2000 believes that the same can be done in the future thanks to the human resources and the onlus Associations of the Comune of Guidonia Montecelio, that share the same problems in the territory.

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