Bioscanner – Trimprob a Non-Invasive Device for Early Cancer Detection

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: June 2011 - Project end date: October 2011
Project number: 2011-13
Beneficiary: Associazione Culturale Pantheon

The BIOSCANNER is a non-invasive device for early cancer detection.
The BIOSCANNER is a diagnostic device labeled by CE mark as a "medical device for non-invasive diagnosis" and listed in the Book of Medical Devices of Italian National Health Service.
The device consists of a hand-held detector which emits a low power electromagnetic field. It generates a non-invasive tissue analysis that detects and diagnoses tumor formations. There is also a receiver that uses a dedicated software program to display the interaction of the hand-held detector with the tissue and records the results.
The electromagnetic emission consists in the generation of three frequencies in the UHF band (around 460, 920 and 1350 MHz).  Each frequency is associated with a specific response generated from tissues of different types. In particular, the first frequency signal interacts with the tumor formation in the display system showing a lowering of the spectral line
Patented and subsequently approved by the Italian Ministry of Health, the BIOSCANNER is already being used in some Italian hospitals.

The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for this project to purchase a Bioscanner with the aim to develop and test new protocols related to the breast and the uterus cancers. The BIOSCANNER is a revolutionary product, which could change the medical device market, due to its unique ratio in terms of price/performance.
Trials and development of new protocols data will be treated and disseminated by the department managed by Professor Donadio and the Italian Ministry of Health.
After the BIOSCANNER acquisition the department will sustain all the maintenance cost, which are really modest because there are not consumable materials.

To date only one protocol has been approved by the Italian Minister of Health which is the prostate cancer. With this new acquisition, other protocols could be realized and approved.

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