Construction of an Alternative Heating System Implementing Energy Saving Measures for the Central Hospital Building of “Tsar Ferdinand I”

Project location: Bulgaria
Project start date: June 2011 - Project end date: December 2011
Project number: 0000-06
Beneficiary: Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Bulgaria




In November 2011 all external works to provide the maximum insulation of the central building of the Hospital "Tasr Ferdinand I" were started. Within the first half of December 2011 all works connected with construction and insulation were finished. On 27th December 2011 all construction and assembly works of the new gas (methane) heating system were done, which included:

- Additional heat insulation of roof;

- Reduction of glazed area of facades of partitioned terraces, placement of heat insulation and new windows;

- Additional heat insulation of floor slab;

- The Gas (methane) heating system is supplied. All the components are supplied on the place. The outstanding platform for the stock of gas is prepared and connected underground to the building with the necessary pipes;

- Installation of thermostatic radiator valves with the replacement of the existing crude iron radiators.

From January to March 2012 the Hospital was waiting for some official statements and permissions from the local authorities to be able to order the first furniture of gas. On March 14th, 2012 the relevant permission was finally delivered and the first furniture of Gas for the test work of 72 hours was ordered. After that was possible to execute the 72 hours tests of the whole system. On April 4th at the presence of the H M. King Simeon and Queen Margarita were inaugurated the new heating system of the hospital.

Embassy of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Bulgaria
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