Restoration of the Parish Hall, Ss. Trinita’ Dei Pellegrini, Rome

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: May 2011 - Project end date: July 2011
Project number: 2011-18
Beneficiary: Parrocchia Personale della SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini

This project has focused on a reception and activity room attached to the parish. This room is one of the most important rooms of the church.

The upkeep of the rooms attached to the church of the Trinity was neglected since 1870 when the properties and finances of this church were confiscated by the newly founded Italian state.

The Parish has restored this room to its former state, and has housed there the collection of portraits of cardinal protectors and benefactors besides other works and religious paintings dating from the early XVIIth century to the early XXth century, all related to the history of the Trinità dei Pellegrini.

To complete this project, the Parish received a grant from the Ferdinando Peretti Foundation to finance the restoration of the ceiling, windows, and the principal door.

Work on this project started in September 2011 and finished in October 2012

Parrocchia Personale della SS. Trinità dei Pellegrini

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