Support to the Project of Fondazione Ermitage Italia in Occasion of the Celebration of the Year of Italian Culture in Russia

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: September 2011 - Project end date: December 2011
Project number: 2011-23


The project's goal is to make available and publicize the results of the researches undertaken for the cataloguing of the huge paintings collection at the State Hermitage Museum. The preparation of the catalogue, made possible thanks to the support of the Nando Peretti Foundation during 2009, led to the publication of a book in 2010, which, for the very first time, has allowed International scholars to know a conspicuous section of the entire collection of the XVII century painting.
This will be the starting point for further insights on the subject, new interpretations and possibilities of comparisons and relations between the arts.
The studies carried out for the catalogue and the funding of scholars' research will encourage young scholars and graduate students in their future researches and stimulate the interest towards Italian Cultural Heritage and its conservation.
One of the main goal of this project is, in fact, attract the attention of the Internationl Community and the Italian Institutions towards the young scholars' research and perspectives.

The project, which received a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation,  will be presented in two different sections.
The first will be a concert based on four musical styles in the XVII century Italy and considering four capitals such as Rome, Florence, Naples and Genoa. All main musical schools are put together to give an idea of similarities and differences in our country musical culture at that time. The program ranges from the Neapolitan flair to madrigals, often played in Baroque palaces, as Caravaggio's Lute player clearly illustrates. Caravaggio will be the link with the International Conference.
The second section, the International Conference, will involve leading scholars to discuss the results of the research presented in the catalogue of the Seventeenth Century Italian Paintings in the Hermitage collection. Again experts carefully selected will enrich discussion on artistic production in our country at that time.
Timetable of the activitie:
18th arrival and welcoming guests
19th October, early evening, concert at Palazzo Giustiniani, Rome
20th October, whole day, conference at Palazzo Barberini, Rome

This project aims at achieving:

  • New attention on outstanding young scholars's research
  • New light on Italian cultural heritage worldwide and its conservation
  • A different approach to the arts: music and painting
  • A new discussion on Seventeenth Century Painting and Music
  • Proposals on paintings attributions


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