Library Furniture and Equipment at the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education in Bangalore - India

Project location: INDIA, Bangalore
Project start date: June 2011 - Project end date: December 2012
Project number: 2011-25
Beneficiary: Tibetan Children’s Village



1st April 2011 to 31st October 2012

The goals of the project are as below:

-          Promote disciplined inquiry in all areas of study offered in the college
-          Foster excellence in scholarship and learning through inquiry and research
-          Promote interdisciplinary studies across the curriculum
-          Enthuse the students towards study of Tibetan language and culture
-          Provide multiple points of access to enable them to study, reflect and practice through special programs
-          Provide a suitable library facility on campus

The construction of the library building is yet to start.  The work has been delayed due to the extended procedure in obtaining the green signal because of local elections in the State and change of Indian Government staff in the offices.  Currently the library is housed in one of the classrooms in the academic block and Tibetan Children’s Village is gradually equipping and furnishing it tuning in with the space available.
The equipment and furniture have been ordered and purchased by calling quotations.  The quotations were scrutinized by the Management Committee of the Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education taking into consideration the rate, quality, keeping up to the time line framed etc.  Keeping these in mind, the supplier or dealer who already had supplied items earlier for the other building facilities in the campus was chosen as the quality of the items supplied by this particular supplier has been found of good standard and quality.
The expenditure thus far includes purchase of library furniture such as newspaper stand, library table of various sizes, sofa set single with cushion, wooden book shelves, magazine rack, library reception counter, u-shaped table etc.  A 200 ltr/hr water purifier for drinking was also installed in the library.  The project encompasses installation of 40 sets of computers in the library, of which 14 sets have been installed with wireless network connection.  Simply installing the computers did not make much sense without installing the Cataloguing System.  Therefore, Tibetan Children’s Village has installed the library software SLIM 21 Thumi Cataloguing system on the computers.  This software has been ordered at the cost of Rs. 277,830/- and will soon be installed and functional.
The result obtained so far in implementation of the project has been found very satisfying.  The library is fairly equipped and furnished taking into consideration the number of students on campus at this time.  As and when the college project take shape and academic courses planned for the near future are introduced, this library will become a source of knowledge and reference for all students and staff on campus and for outsiders as well.  The existing library is very well utilized and fully functional.
The initial plan was to equip and furnish the library upon completion of the construction.  This plan is now being delayed and Tibetan Children’s Village will implement the project successfully as and when the construction work is completed.  Then they will move the facility to the new building and have it fully furnished and equipped. The construction work of phase II of the college project is due to start soon and the library and administrative building is part of this phase.

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