Multifunctional Building for the Disabled Guests of a "Casa-Famiglia"

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: August 2007 - Project end date: December 2007
Project number: 2006-21
Beneficiary: IL CARRO

From 1994 to 2001, the Association "IL CARRO" managed  a "casa-famiglia" in Fiumicino (Rome) for serious mentally disabled people. Literally casa-famiglia means family-house, a structure that gives shelter to needy people (abandoned children, mentally disturbed people, young mothers, etc.) recreating as much as possible a family-like environment.
The association started in 1998 a project which consisted in building a large structure with two "casa-famiglia" and an office building. Each casa-famiglia will host 6-7 people.

One casa famiglia was activated in January 2005, with 6 guests and the a team of professional carers helped by numerous volunteers. A second casa-famiglia of similar standard will be activated by end of 2006.

The Nando Peretti Foundation co-financed this project for the construction of a multifunctional building, for manual work and group activities of the disabled guests and for organisational and work meetings of the staff and of the Association. Annexed to this building is another one with a kitchen, a refectory and toilets.
The construction of this new structure would allow to provide inside the centre the integrated assistance vital for the achievement of the psycho-physical wellbeing of the guests. This would also avoid the need of everyday transportation to external centres, with a reduction of discomfort and saving on expenses.

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