Family Houses: Sanganigwa Children’s Home, Kigoma, Tanzania

Project location: TANZANIA, Kigoma
Project start date: December 2007 - Project end date: December 2009
Project number: 2006-32
Beneficiary: The Jane Goodall Institute


The final evaluation mission was conducted on early October and the Jane Goodall Institute has verified the good make of the new buildings raised in Sanganigwa thanks to the Nando Peretti Foundation. JGI's general evaluation is very positive: they are satisfied of the work, with the only exception of the painting in one house which requires refinement. As expected, they encountered some difficulties during the realization of the houses which explains the delay in delivering the work. The funds were sent in four tranches, each payment being made only after having checked the advancement of each construction phase.

The Sanganigwa Children's Home Project supported by NPF has indeed allowed their home children to have 5 family houses and one guest house. Four houses will be occupied each by one "Mama" and eight children, while one house is for children with specific health or adaptation difficulties or other special attention requirements. These would be able to live with the Centre two social workers for the period required to overcome their problems. One building located at the very entrance of the Sanganigwa compound next to the children play-ground and therefore dangerous for the children was renovated and converted in a guest house that will allow the orphanage to generate some income to contribute to facing their daily needs.

The results of the project have been so much appreciated by the local government that the "children eco-village" (term being used more and more frequently for our Sanganigwa) was selected to welcome the National Symbol of Tanzania: the Torch of Freedom (Mwenge Uhuru).

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