Free-of-charge Treatment for 150 Elderly People with Osteoarthropathy or Discopathy, year 2

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: November 2007 - Project end date: November 2009
Project number: 2007-06
Beneficiary: ARACO Onlus


Final Report,  July 2009

The patients enrollment phase was completed in a longer period of time than the one expected. There have been extremely numerous requests, especially in the phase of initial evaluation of the patients. Diagnosis of osteoporosis that underwent laboratory examinations and the execution of the Computerized Bone Mineralometry, generated long waiting lists that determined a substantial delay.

Another key aspect in determining the timing of the project was the necessity to put into therapy for osteoporosis all the subjects that had the indications and only then, proceed with the therapies.

Now the screening phase is finished and ARACO all the therapies should be completed by the month of June.
Regarding the activity of Araco-onlus relative to this project, the organization carried out a cycle of conferences at centers for the elderly and renewed contacts with associations of elderly and pensioners, thus directly reaching them without having to establish relations with political associations.

Something worthy of consideration is the fact that upon performing the screening of osteoporosis in all the patients hundreds of cases of Osteopeny were observed, a pathological condition that represents the anti-chamber of the loss of mineral bone density clinically acclaimed. An adequate and precocious treatment of this condition can prevent other complications.
A copy of the protocol of study for the use of biological drugs in the Osteopeny that the doctors of ARACO have completed and initiated internally to this project will be sent. The results of the application of this protocol are undergoing a process of evaluation. The first data are extremely encouraging. At the end of the follow up, all the stream of data will be on the basis of one or more scientific publications, of which the Nando Peretti Foundation will be duly notified.

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