Supporting the  Laboratory on the Tiber River in Rome

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: October 2010 - Project end date: December 2010
Project number: 2010-37
Beneficiary: MAREVIVO


On August 24, 2010 the Laboratory of Marevivo sank into the Tiber.
The causes of the event, according to experts interviewed, were related to an exceptional reduction in the lean of the Tiber and the following accumulation of debris and rubble from previous floods, that have significantly changed the river bed.
In view of this emergency situation, the President of Marevivo, Rosalba Giugni, formally asked to the Nando Peretti Foundation to use the grant originally destined to the activities of their Laboratory on the Tiber for the actual recovery and restoration of their site. This intervention was in fact crucial for the association's work in defense of the sea and its creatures.
In November 2010 the Nando Peretti Foundation officially approved the Marevivo's request. The NPF grant was therefore used to restore the site of Marevivo ( "Marevivo Historical head office's recovery" project).

The project "Marevivo Historical head office's recovery" lasted about three months, from October to December 2010.
After a close examination, it was determined that unfortunately there were no conditions for the recovery and restoration of the sinked structure. Nevertheless, the financial support of the NPF made possible for Marevivo to dismount and dismantle what had sunk, and, at the same time, to secure all the material and the equipment that could still be used.
Currently, the Marevivo's office is located in the former conference room, the only part of the original Laboratory which has remained intact.

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