Humanitarian Missions for the needy

Project location: GEORGIA
Project start date: July 2006 - Project end date: December 2009
Project number: 2006-31

Humanitarian packages for the needy in the Republic of Georgia

In 2006, about 230.000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) from the autonomous region of Abkhazia were living outside their region, in the Georgian territory, mainly in Tbilisi (capital city), in a highly precarious health situation especially regarding the medicines. His Eminency the Metropolite Danieli (from the Church of Georgia), President of the "Center of Abkhazian Culture and Spirituality", has forwarded the Association's Vice President a specific request of medicines.
The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant to help  the IDP in Tbilisi, and to purchase medicines to be donated to the IDP.

A mission was organized consisting of the acquisition, transport and donation of 6 pallets of indispensable medicines to be distributed in the refugee camps, where displaced Abkhazians are received by the Metropolita association.

Upon request by Metropolita, medicines are used to treat colds, pneumonia, bronchitis, cough, hypertonic diseases. Pain-killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, endocrinological preparations, cardiology and immunological preparations, drugs for the treatment of wounds, anti-fungus preparations, medicines for Parkinson disease, Ophthalmologic preparations, anti-parasite treatments.

Scudo di San Giorgio association has received aid to cover the costs of air travel (flight Alitalia) from Rome to Tbilisi, since medicines need fast and immediate transportation, and exposure to the atmospheric factors they would be subjected to during travel by sea or by land could seriously spoil them.
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