Renovation and Waterproofing of the S. Giovanni in Laterano Residential Home’s Roof, Rome

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: September 2011 - Project end date: September 2012
Project number: 2011-62
Beneficiary: CIRCOLO S. PIETRO


From August to the end of October 2012 the renovation of the North side of the roof was completed. After the installation of scaffolding on both longitudinal sides of the building to the height of the coverage and the removal of the asbestos containers ( with their disposal into an authorized storage area), the organization proceeded with the renovation of the north side of the roof through the following interventions:

- Removing the roof covering (tiles, flat tiles and wooden beams) and selection of the removed materials

- Replacement of the beams (replace those damaged ones, and the repositioning of those in good condition)

- Replacement of tiles (replace the damaged ones and repositioning of those in good condition)

- Preparation of the new screed

- Drafting of the sheath waterproof

- Replacement of roof tiles and roof tiles (replace those damaged ones and repositioning of those in good condition)

In the month of November 2012 also the south side of the roof was renovated following the same procedure.

The building that host the family house of St. John bears walls, wooden floors and a gable roof with a wooden trusses with a wooden primary and secondary warping, a layer consisting of flat tiles on which rests the roofing tiles (called "coppi" and "embrici") made with dry mounted (without the use of mortar). Due the rupture or the moving of the tiles in some points water infiltration has damaged part of the wooden structure and led to the need for an intervention of maintenance of the roof. The intervention's guidelines aim to preserve as much as possible of the existing structure and just make some improvements. After verifying that the trusses were in good condition and statically able to withstand the weight of the cover, during the disassembly phase, the organization checked the elements retaining all materials that could be reused, which were reassembled while replacing only those needing repair. The only changes made were the addition of the screed to create a more uniform plane on which spread the waterproof membrane so as to avoid the new problems of infiltration.

Between December 2012 and January 2013, the roof renovation was finally finished. The replacement of roof’s tiles was completed and the gutters were cleaned and rearranged, having replaced the damaged items that were causing leaks. After a throughout checking of the plaster’s status, the parts that had been damaged were repainted. Having completed all these interventions, it was finally possible to proceed to dismantle the scaffolding regaining sight of the external walls of the building and making visible the roof restoration. Thanks to these restructuring  all the possible causes of leaks and moisture have finally been removed and the inclusion of waterproofing and repair of the gutter will prevent the recurrence of such problems in the future. Precise guidelines also allow for a proper and safe maintenance over time (cleaning of the gutters, arrangements of tiles etc).


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