E-Vasi Project – Supporting Courses on Traditional Techniques of Raku Art in Italy

Project location: ITALY, Todi
Project start date: September 2012 - Project end date: October 2012
Project number: 2012-001
Beneficiary: Associazione culturale A.M.I.N.A.


The project goal is to organize in the months of September and October 2012 refresher courses on traditional techniques of Raku art and craft to bring youth closer to classical artistic issues, in order to facilitate their connection and involvement with the world of contemporary art and its multi-materials.
The two main teachers of the courses will be Auro and Celso Ceccobelli. Grown up in Umbria region, they are 25-years-old, graduated in modern literature with a specialization as "maestri" in ceramics having obtained the diploma at the school of art in Deruta (PG), expert in raku pottery, paper clay and videoart. As in the past years, A.M.I.N.A. will also invite famous contemporary artists, who will work at the same table of the children and together with adults keen on painting and arts in general, but with no experience in modeling clay.

The cultural project of year 2012 AMINA for the development and testing in favor of contemporary art wants to bring young artists and lovers of the arts to traditional techniques, to emphasize the importance of the classic memory for the future of contemporary art, because a new knowledge and mastery of the various artistic materials gives depth and significance to expressiveness and creativity, making young people more free from fashion.

Associazione culturale A.M.I.N.A.
Loc La Torre 66  Montemolino
Todi 06059 (PG) - Italy

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