Supporting Raku Art in Italy

Project location: ITALY, Todi
Project start date: n/a - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 0000-14
Beneficiary: Associazione culturale A.M.I.N.A.

Raku is an ancient Japanese technique; born in 1570 d.C. it started by chance during an earthquake, to face the need of a quick quantity of tiles for houses to rebuild. Pressed by this urgency the master kilnmen mixed sand together with broken already cooked pieces of clay and fresh clay. Then they began to take them out of the oven quickly and at temperatures higher than usual without waiting for a cooling down slow and gradual.
The technique was afterwards refined by Mr. Raku, tea's ceramics master, who began to model objects with an unique particular gesture: a handful of clay, smashed strongly against his knee or against his elbow, he was able to create a perfect cup of tea.

The Cultural Association AMINA was conceived by Maestro Bruno Ceccobelli in 2008 and announced in 2009. The purpose of this association is to enhance cultural creativity and imagination through the practice of art. It aims at greater attention and participation in the people to educate them in the aesthetics of contemporary art, convinced that only an artistic outlook can help spiritual and cultural evolution.
Humanity is still a slave of taboos and schemes that force mental habits that are conventional, ambiguity, conservative attitudes, persevering in the sadomasochism of centralized power that perverts every social relationship.
Contemporary art is a new possibility for humanity to be happy, to color of life, to exist in the beauty beyond economics and politics, which pollute the mind with materialistic speculations and vulgar ugliness.
Freedom means to create and recreate one's lives, giving joy to others while respecting its nature and honoring the great divine creation and its Creator.
Aims reached in 2010: the exhibition organized in the showing room of an Umbrian canteen, lasted for one month, with all the people attending, at the opening, with their parents and friends.
Six people attending the course were famous contemporary artists, who have worked in at the same table of the children and adults keen on painting, but with no experience in modeling clay.
The catalogue has been studied to resemble the exercise book of students of an Italian primary school of the sixties, with a black cover and pages as a reticulate and with a handwriting as if it were a child writing.
The first pages of the catalogue open up with a smart critique where one by one the works are described finding connections with contemporary art, mythology, sacred art, the journalist not knowing the ages of the people attending . Further on all the works are represented on the right hand side of the catalogue while on the left hand side appears the name of the artists.
The Cultural Association "Amina" wants to organize for the year 2012 (from September to October), refresher courses on traditional techniques of arts and crafts to bring youth closer to classical artistic issues, in order to facilitate their connection and involvement with the world of contemporary art and its multi-materials.

 The Nando Peretti Foundation is supporting the activities of A.M.I.N.A.

Associazione culturale A.M.I.N.A.
Loc La Torre 66  Montemolino
Todi 06059 (PG) - Italy

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