Fundamental Course in Reading and Singing of Ancient Greek-Byzantine Music

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: February 2012 - Project end date: June 2012
Project number: 2012-002
Beneficiary: Pontifical Greek College of St. Athanasius


The aim of this project, which was funded by the Nando Peretti Foundation,  is to maintain and continue the non-interrupt tradition of 15 centuries of music of old Greek/Byzantine popular songs and liturgical melodies, by teaching them to young students of the Pontifical Greek College of St. Athanasius in Rome, who come from Greek cultural areas.
The working methodology is the teaching of music and songs to students who reside at the College. These students come from twelve different nations worldwide and belong to the Byzantine rite and culture. It's important for these students to acquire a good basis in music and songs, to help them to maintain such a beautiful and rich tradition.
Teachers will explain the lecture of byzantine music (Prof. Arch. Nikodimos Kabarnos) and will give personal and guided lessons (Prof. Arch. Manuel Nin).
At the end of the course, in June 2012, students will perform practical tests and examination in liturgical execution, with Prof. Yoannis Xanthakis.

The Greek College Students will be trained in the cultural comprehension and in the capacity of reading and singing the Greek/Byzantine music. In this way, the beautiful and rich tradition of 15 centuries of old Greek/Byzantine popular songs and liturgical melodies will be maintained and continued.

The Pontifical Greek College was founded on January 13, 1576 by Pope Gregory XIII to offer instruction and education to all students coming from Greece and other Provinces which belonged to the Byzantine Empire and kept the Byzantine traditions and culture after the Fall. Today the College trains students according to custom and culture of the Byzantine tradition to properly prepare future priests who will work in their respective communities in the Byzantine tradition.
Currently the Juridical figure of the College depends on the Congregation for the Oriental Churches, but is still recognized as an Italian Juridical person and educational institute.

Pontifical Greek College of St. Athanasius
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