Music School for Disadvantaged Children of Tor Pignattara Rome, Italy

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: June 2012 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2012-009
Beneficiary: Associazione Culturale Musica e altre cose


This project received a grant for the second year frome the Nando Peretti Foundation.

This project aims to organize and implement a series of music classes aimed to guys to aged from 10 to 16 and organized by professional musicians on a weekly basis. The ultimate goal of these classes is not only the capacity to teach how to play an instrument, but to extend and perfect the orchestra composed of young musicians living in Rome that come from all over the world.

The orchestra will be opened to all immigrants (musicians) that will answer to public call. The guys yet involved in the orchestra will be the base on wich the association want to let grow up and extend to other people. Association will select young musicians of different ethnic groups present in Rome to extend the number of musicians and realize an ambitious project (including record, concerts and cultural exchange with similar project). All participants will contribute to create original music made by the matching of different cultures and backgrounds. Young musicians will be called to have an active role in elaboration of artistic product, promoting music, themes, traditional and folk songs from their cultures, using ethnic musical instruments. All these materials will be elaborated with the help of the music director, Pino Pecorelli (attached his curriculum vitae), founder of "Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio", and Director of "Todos" (multiethnic Portuguese Orchestra).

The project is targeted to guys with an age between 10 and 16 years old from the Tor Pignattara district and in general in Rome. Selections will be made among people who already play instruments, as representatives of the different communities present in the area (both italians and immigrants). They will be selected not only for their specific musical skills but also according to their motivation. A further selection criterion will be the national origin of the participants, in order to ensure the highest representation of communities in the project.
Management staff will launch a call channelled through schools (primary and high schools, music schools) and NGOs operating on interethnical communication. A committee made by management staff and external expertise will make auditions of all participants to call and a group of 25 musicians will be selected to take a part in the project.

The project aims to unify the cultural and musical experience of the young musicians with the sharing of a common path and will lead to the formation of a real multi-ethnic orchestra, which, through a weekly schedule, will build a common repertoire, composed by songs and texts from various parts of the world, working primarily on listening and sounds activities.
The project will be developed in 30 sessions of 3 hours each leaded by the musical director, and other 15 sessions of 3 hours leaded by specialist of other instruments and disciplines (external expert). These external experts will implement specific workshops to help young musicians to understand different cultures, to find out a common vision.
The external expert will work in different disciplines:
- writing and elaborating text for music; the workshop will be lead by with the famous rapper Amir Isaa
- ethnic percussion
- the use of the voice with a vocal coach
- music improvisation
- development of relational skills

An important part of the project will be the preparation of the concerts, which will be held at the final stage of the classes, in a theater of neighborhood open to the common people.
The project also includes the production of a new record entirely played by the multiethnic orchestra. This record will be the final product, the material object that each participant will receive and that will be distributed through various non-commercial channels (distribution to libraries, cultural associations, parishes, cultural institutions).

To sum up, the project includes:
- 30 rehearsal of 3 hours each
- 15 sessions with external experts of the differents disciplines
- developing the multiethnic orchestra
- final Concert
- recording of the album
- promotion and distribution of the album

Associazione Culturale Musica e altre cose
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