Supporting the Pastificio Cerere Foundation

Project location: ITALY, Rome
Project start date: June 2012 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 0000-15
Beneficiary: Fondazione Pastificio Cerere Onlus

Time span for this report: From September 2014 to  August 2015

The main goal of the project Supporting the Pastificio Cerere Foundation - Year II is to hire an employee who has to organize all the activities of the Foundation by promoting contemporary art thanks to new projects based on education.
The project was conceived with the aim of establishing a cultural platform for the development of diverse initiatives, all geared toward involving an increasingly heterogeneous public. Above all it aims to attract a young audience, particularly the university students who populate San Lorenzo, the neighborhood in which the Pastificio is situated, and which has a longstanding history of cultural and social ferment. Through its rich selection of exhibitions, workshops and meetings, the program of the Pastificio Cerere Foundation aims to favor interaction between different modes of contemporary artistic expression, as well as the experimentation of new modalities of intervention and participation, stimulating an open dialogue between artists and audiences, professionals and followers.
The person is in charge of supervising the office in order to build a really organized working team.

Among the results obtained there are:

1- Didactic projects for Giuseppe Gallo's solo exhibition Il quinto quarto (The Fifth Quarter), held at the Foundation's spaces on 9 May and 23 May 2015. These activities provided the involvement of schools and families in Rome with particular attention to San Lorenzo's district. In fact, Pastificio Cerere organized 2 educational tours and didactic laboratories for children (between the ages 4-6 and 7-10 years) and their teachers/parents. The first part consisted in a guided tour of the exhibition, followed by a creative re-elaboration in the practical laboratory of what has been seen during the tour; at the end the participants could take their creations home with them.

2- Bruno Ceccobelli's exhibition CAPOVOLGERE (OVERTURNING), held at the Foundation's spaces from 11 June to 30 July 2015, curated by Marcello Smarrelli. The exhibition was part of a cycle of six shows dedicated to the artists of the "Gruppo di San Lorenzo".
The show's title, CAPOVOLGERE (OVERTURNING), immediately introduces us to the heart of Bruno Ceccobelli‘s research, which has always revolved around the discovery of new possibilities of reading reality and of subverting the common sense of language. Born and raised in Todi (Perugia, Umbria), he considers himself a HOMO MEDIEVALIS, in tune with the spirit of artisanal workshops and collective work, animated by a profound love of matter, a passion for technique and a faith in experimentation. For this show he has invited also his sons and long-time assistants, Auro and Celso. Hence the decision to sign the exhibition with both his and their initials: ABC Ceccobelli.

3- The second event in the project Where is Dawn now? - conceived by Leonardo Petrucci and developed in collaboration with INAF- IAPS, ASI and NASA - held in the Foundation's courtyard from 28 March 2015 to 30 May 2016.
The Dawn space probe, launched by NASA in 2007, entered the orbit of Ceres last March and on that occasion, in the courtyard of Pastificio Cerere, the Foundation presented the first photograph of the large spherical form of the dwarf planet. For the second event on 22 July 2015 a closer, more detailed photograph was installed, that reveals more about the surface of Ceres, accompanied by a text by the astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi, who discovered Ceres completely by chance in January 1801. The idea of combining Pastificio Cerere and the planet Ceres (Cerere is the Italian translation of Ceres) has to do with more than just the name, evoking a singular coincidence: in conjunction with this astronomical event, 2015 was the 110th anniversary of the construction of Pastificio Cerere and 10 years since the Foundation was established. The event was part of 6PM Your Local Time Europe, a massive distributed exhibition that last summer involved 110 participants from all over Europe coordinated by the Link Art Center in Brescia. It's now also available a booklet focused on the outcomes Published by Link Editions.

4- The completion of the Foundation's Library Archive established to collect, organize, preserve, and make accessible documentation concerning the Pastificio Cerere's art-historical and cultural role. It also includes volumes concerning contemporary art, artists, exhibitions, galleries, art historians, critics, etc.

5- Moreover the person followed all the usual and ordinary activities of the Foundation: the organization of studio visits in the artists' ateliers that work and live in the Pastificio Cerere; the updating of the website ( and social networks; the communication and press office of all the projects carried out.


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