Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Energy in 3 Secondary Schools of Ruhengeri Catholic Diocese, Rwanda  

Project location: RWANDA, Ruhengeri
Project start date: July 2012 - Project end date: December 2012
Project number: 2012-027
Beneficiary: Diocese of Ruhengeri


The three secondary schools of Karuganda, Butaro and Murama are found respectively in the districts of Gakenke, Burera and Nyabihu; three remote, rural and poor regions without access to socio-economic infrastructures like the grid-connected electricity, asphalt roads, etc. The schools were established and are currently managed by the catholic diocese of Ruhengeri.

In particular, all three schools are deprived of electricity for domestic lighting and electronic equipment. Because of the great distance from the national grid, the only way to provide electricity are small and old diesel generators that provide power for a few hours during the evening. Their power is not sufficient to cover the entire energy needs of the schools and students are often forced to use kerosene lanterns to carry out their studies at night. What is more, the diesel generators consume huge amounts of fuel oil, and release a lot of pollution in the atmosphere.

The project, which was awarded a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation, aims to equip the three schools of solar photovoltaic systems that will make them self-sufficient in terms of energy. As a result, the 1,902 students of the three schools will be allowed to carry on their studies, expenses on fuel supply will be saved and environmental damages severely reduced.

Diocese of Ruhengeri
Mikeno Avenue, Musanze District
North Province, Rwanda
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