Promoting Active Citizenship to Young People of the Scampia Suburb in Naples, Italy

Project location: Italy, Naples
Project start date: July 2012 - Project end date: July 2013
Project number: 2012-033
Beneficiary: Il Sole – Associazione per la cooperazione internazionale e le adozioni a distanza ONLUS


The goal of the project is to help spreading social issues such as cultural, professional and training exchanges in order to emphasize the idea of international solidarity and its immediate consequences on our society through a Youth Centre and a Day Care Centre.

Project's main issues are related to children whose human rights are denied, to migrants who have to face numerous problems and risks and to the reasons and consequences of migrations since Il Sole aims at spreading active and cooperative behaviours in the population. This is of high importance in areas where organized crime flourishes as in this suburb of Naples, i.e. Scampia. Giving young people an alternative is a very strong sign of active and responsible citizenship.

More specifically, the project aims at reaching the following targets:

Promoting educational and cultural tours for young people and their families
Promoting responsible behaviours towards young people in families of the area
Involving everyone who takes part in the activities in order to encourage responsible behaviours
Promoting meeting points and gathering places on the territory



The main target of the project is to support "young people at risk" and to assist their families which are affected by various problems.

The first phase of the project has been devoted to the organization and to the ordinary management of the places where the project activities have been carried on.

All activities have been meant to promote socialization through motivation which would contribute to the educational development of the young people involved in the project.

During the first phase of the project, the coordinators have been in Scampia and have been engaged in arising awareness among the project beneficiaries through practical activities and personal involvement in after-school counselling and gathering activities in order to improve socialization, independence and creativity.

More specifically, in informal meetings with young people of Scampia and their families, the coordinators have explained the opportunity to take active part in after-school projects. The attention has been focused on the importance of getting involved and contributing to changing the present situation in Scampia. A major issue has been to give young people a real chance to take responsibility, get engaged and become active citizens. All awareness activities carried out by the coordinators aimed at giving confidence to the beneficiaries and get them actively and responsibly involved: it is the essential starting point for the unfolding of planned activities.

As explained in the project documents, the method chosen with this intervention implies a strong involvement of every partner of Il Sole Onlus in each and every step of the project.

The same methodology is applied to all scheduled activities: constant involvement and confrontation with the beneficiaries enables a better suited implementation of the project related to the needs expressed.

Here following the results of this first phase of the project:

- good management of activities by all partners involved

- good coordination between all partners

- active participation of involved beneficiaries.


The second phase of the project consists in setting up the "Youth Forum for Legality".

The Forum aims at putting in contact young people from Scampia with those from Marsala. The association Istituto Suore della Provvidenza has been organising activities for young people of Scampia for quite a while now. Likewise, Il Sole Onlus, through its partners in Marsala, has been coordinating community accommodation for underage people in penal area as an alternative to prison detention.

The Youth Forum for Legality has for objective to give young people the chance to exchange opinions and ideas in order to develop a critical analysis of their past experiences in relation to the areas in which they have grown up and to the organized crime present in these areas, thus focusing primarily on the problem of EcoMafia.

The activities related to the Youth Forum for Legality are:

a) A continuous photographic project in the areas of origin

Starting from January 2013, three groups of kids together with their coaches will take photographs of their native areas. The purpose of this activity is to compare the good and bad features of everyone's territory. Then, the outcome of this activity will be used in the activity "workshop at Tezze sul Brenta", which offers an exhibition space, and also in the activity "Word to the young", a series of preparatory lectures to the Round Table discussion.

The best shots with the best fitting titles will be used in the activity "Riscatti: primi passi di cittadinanza attiva", a photographic book testifying the kids' active involvement.

b) Workshop at Tezze sul Brenta (VI)

From May 1st to May 5th (these dates might be modified according to the scheduled Palermo-Milan flights), kids from Marsala and from Scampia will be the active protagonists of an interchange meeting at Tezze sul Brenta.

Each kid will work individually and will be personally active in relation to a new and challenging territory with its peculiarity and structure, different from the native one and thus more stimulating from a geographical and geological point of view.

There will be recreational and sports activities which will have the kids deal with a new reality and will get them to face environmental issues. The purpose is to have them take active part to the Round Table discussion.

c) Word to the young: lectures on active citizenship

At the end of the workshop there will be a Round Table discussion in order to draw the conclusions of the experience made at Tezze sul Brenta and of the photographic project started in January 2013.

The following speakers will take part to this Round Table discussion:

i. The coordinators from Scampia and Marsala;

ii. One representative from the Istituto delle Suore della Provvidenza and one from Il Sole Onlus;

iii. One representative from ACLI in charge of Legality;

iv. The Coordinator of Trapani and Padova for Libera, Associazioni, Nomi e Numeri contro le mafie;

v. One local journalist involved in this sector.


d) Riscatti: primi passi di cittadinanza attiva

The result of this project will be published in a photographic book that will show the shots taken by the kids together with the comments and titles created by the kids themselves.


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