An ambulance for an isolated community

Project location: INDIA, Lumla Circle
Project start date: July 2002 - Project end date: July 2002
Project number: 2002-08
Beneficiary: Lumla Development and Welfare Society

The Lumla Development and Welfare Society is an organisation devoted to helping the population of North East India, a region between Buthan and China (once Tibet) which is one of the poorest areas of India. There are no hospitals in the region, therefore who falls ill needs to be transported to the neighbouring regions. Until today the situation has been desperate, since they never had an ambulance.

Geshe Lharampa Lobsang Sherab, delegate of the President (Jowa Tsering) in Italy, asked the Nando Peretti Foundation's support in order to purchase a new ambulance which enables to really and efficiently help the serious patients reach the medical facilities.

These are the photos of the new ambulance:


Lumla Development and Welfare Society
Lumla (Dacpa area)
District Tawang
Arunachal Pradesh
Pin Code 790104
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