Water and Tanks for the Children of Fahamuni School, Kwale County - Kenya

Project location: KENYA, Kwale
Project start date: June 2012 - Project end date: June 2013
Project number: 2012-065
Beneficiary: Progetto Sud


TIMELINE OF THE PRESENT ACTIVITY REPORT: From 01/06/2012 to 12/02/2013


As of 23rd Nov 2012, all the desks were complete, labeled and delivered to Fahamuni primary school and were received by the head master, some teachers, some parents and some students. Not all students were at the school during delivery as they had just started their December holiday on the same day. The community expressed their gratitude and promised to take care of the desks for the benefits of their children.


As of the end of December 2012, the block of 3 pit latrine toilets had been completed ready to be used by the students as the new school term begins in January 2013. The toilets are a big help to the school since the only available toilets are almost collapsing due to over use, aged and are in a very bad condition. Both girls and boys had only one toilet each. The boys used the one toilet for long calls and they had to go to the bush for the short calls. Girls had to queue for a long time in order to access the toilet which was very embarrassing for them. The teachers had to share the toilet with the students. The local community is very grateful especially the parents.


The School has a well which already has been cleaned up, and the old water pumped out ready to be installed with electric pipe as the school now has power connection from the government. The local community have already volunteered to participate in the digging of trenches for the water pipes.


Due to poverty and bad living conditions, the majority of the students of Fahamuni primary school have been suffering from jiggers attack which even makes walking impossible for some students. Training on necessary hygiene measures was conducted where the pupils were advised on how to eliminate and prevent future jiggers attack.

On the year 2011, Seventeen out of twenty five girls from Fahamuni primary school got pregnant and some sat for their final examinations while almost in the last month of pregnancy. In order to prevent more future cases, a training on Reproductive health was conducted and the girls were advised to concentrate on their studies.

The trainers realized that most of the girls got pregnant from the local men who promised to provide food for them in exchange for sex. Also the area is a Muslim dominated area and sex education is not an open topic and many girls have no idea of the processes their bodies are going through especially during the puberty stage.

The seventeen girls who got pregnant in 2011 were aged between 13 and seventeen.

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