Completing the Orphanage for 400 children in Ititi, Tanzania

Project location: TANZANIA, Singhida, Ititi
Project start date: September 2012 - Project end date: August 2013
Project number: 2012-069
Beneficiary: Il Centro del Cammino della Speranza tra i Popoli Onlus


The area of Singida is one of the poorest and underdeveloped region of Tanzania, with about one million of residents. Its main city is Singida City with over 100.000 inhabitants. The annual pro capita average income of the region is USD 245, with almost 90% of the population occupied in the agriculture sector.
Since 1998 operates in Singida City a small Sisters of Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Holy Mary Mission. The Mission is a well known house in the City, providing also some ambulatory services.
Few years later, the area called Ititi, about 12 Km away from Singida City, was selected from the Mission for building an Orphanage, which will host the multitude of orphans living in the region. In fact, the high birth rate of the whole area goes together with an extraordinary low longevity, mainly due to a dramatic percentage of population affected by AIDS.
In April 2007 was founded the no-profit Organization called "Il Centro del Cammino della Speranza tra I Popoli" ( with the aim to raise funds for financing the project and running the orphanage once this will operate.

During the period of 2007-2008, the whole property in Ititi has been fenced and a well for drinkable water has been digged. In the meantime, the drawing of the whole project has been finalized, and a fund-raising campaign for financing has started. The Orphanage is expected to host 400 children upon completion.
In 2010 two construction companies (one based on Singida called "Unique Engineering & Constructions LTD", the other based on Dar-es-Salaam) had been invited to make an economic offer for the following constructions:

• 2 Dormitories block (50 places each)
• 1 Toilet block (WC, shower and washbasin) for dormitory area
• 1 Dining and Kitchen building
• 1 Sisters House
• 1 Church
• 1 Water tower (with 4 water tank-5,000 litres each)
• 1 Underground water storage tank (500,000 litres)

The two economic offers were quite similar, the one from the company based on Dar-es-Salaam was a little bit higher but had the advantage of being able to relay on construction machines that could have reduce the time needed for the buildings. The Association though decided to sign the contract with the Singida based company, also because the local economy and employment would have had some benefit out of this project.
Moreover, the selected company had built some years before the entire Mission premise, and all the references that the Organization asked to many religious institutions that dealt in the past with the company were positive.
In January 2011, two contracts had been signed between the Association and the Unique Engineering Company, for the realization of the above listed buildings.
To date, the following works have already been completed:

• 1 Dormitory block (50 + 50 places)
• 1 Toilet block
• 1 Refectory
• 1 Home for the nuns
• 1 Chapel
• 1 Water Tower
• 1 Bore Well
• 1 Underground Water Tank
• 1 Laundry
• 1 Sewerage system.

The remaining structures which need to be built to complete the village are:

• 1 more Dormitory block (50 + 50 places)
• 8 Classrooms
• 1 Toilet block for classrooms area
• 1 Infirmary.

With the help of the Nando Peretti Foundation, the Association will finance the final phase of the construction works, to complete the orphanage.


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