A Center For Poor And Needy Women In Frosinone, Italy

Project location: Italy, Frosinone
Project start date: November 2012 - Project end date: January 2013
Project number: 2012-090
Beneficiary: Fondazione Turriziani


The project aim is to provide a relief to the elderly women alone and forced to meet the needs of many relatives who live on their meagre pension. These are women with low pensions and often in need of care.
Old people who are in a situation of poverty have almost no chance to change their lives independently, without support them drift, abandoning themselves to despair and many times, using tall their incomes to help their sons and grandchildren without a job, becoming victims of wear. The problem throughout the South of Italy is deeply entrenched in Ciociaria, where the number of elderly is very high with great female longevity. There are many women who are elderly and alone and use their retirement to pay the debts of their sons, to do the weekly shopping for their grandchildren and don't save anything for themselves.
In order to give a sign, raise the social problem and raise awareness throughout society, the Turriziani Foundation wants to create a centre that deals primarily in elderly women, where they can find some comfort, advice and practical help to make these women's lives less unhappy and more serene.

The project, which received a grant from the Nando Peretti Foundation, involves the creation of a structure that can offer a welcome, advice and assistance: welcome to make these women feel a little bit of family care; advice to avoid debt, provide legal assistance if necessary and offer aid for legal bureaucracy for the various medical exemptions, refunds and complaints; assistance, with new clothing, hygiene products and food. These aims can be realized only with the help of volunteers that were already found and involved.
The place chosen to create this center is Frosinone, near the train station in some rooms made available by the parish of Holy Family. This is an area in which many widows live, with a lot of burden on their shoulders.
The rooms need to be totally renovated. The center will have a reception room and a warehouse and will be managed by a group of women volunteers. The Turriziani Foundation will supply the food and will pay all the utilities.

The needy women of the local community will find a place to receive assistance in their daily needs. These aims can be achieved only with the help of volunteers who have already been found and who will be involved.

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