Providing schoolbooks for Children

Project location: TANZANIA, Kilimanjaro villages
Project start date: June 2003 - Project end date: April 2004
Project number: 2003-11
Beneficiary: LIDU

The Nando Peretti Foundation in supporting the project "One Pupil, One Book". The project springs from the concern over the poor and deprived conditions of primary schools in the Kilimanjaro villages, due to the economic difficulties suffered by the local families. Particularly textbooks are very expensive, because they are imported from abroad. As a result of economic constrains, many young people abandon school very early. Only 20% of children end the seven-years primary schools. Le Impronte degli Uccelli editions (LIDU) intents to help improving the situation in the poorer villages of Hai district by publishing and distributing the textbooks. The contribution of the Nando Peretti Foundation is determinant to ensure the implementation of LIDU educational program, which will benefit the local people also by providing employment. LIDU is publishing 5 titles per 2.000 copies each - 10.000 textbooks. The work is committed to the local offset printers and bookbinders. The choose of necessary texts in committed to the district officer responsible for education, village families and teachers. The books will be entrusted to the schools, to use them for many years. Better conditions and availability of school material will emprove the results in Tanzanian village school, increase the number of children completing the school program, and, as a consequence of better school training, their opportunity to find employment.

Le Impronte degli Uccelli (LIDU)

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