Providing schoolbooks for Children

Project location: TANZANIA, Kilimanjaro villages
Project start date: June 2003 - Project end date: April 2004
Project number: 2003-11
Beneficiary: LIDU


Following the travel to Tanzania of the L.I.D.U. (Le impronte degli Uccelli) Association in June 2003, to make the necessary arrangements with the authorities of the Hai District for printing 10.000 copies schoolbooks for 149 primary schools, the responsible of the project had to recognize that the Tanzanian Ministry of Education doesn't allow the printing of text books not approved by the Government. Therefore the project underwent a change, and instead of printing new text books, they have been directly purchased from the authorized publishing houses (Educational Books Publishers and Macmillian Aidan Ltd). So 10.000 books of Mathematics, English language, Kiswahili and Science have been purchased and distributed to the schools.

Le Impronte degli Uccelli (LIDU)

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