Supporting the Activities of the "Tara Bianca Dog House" in Tolfa, Italy

Project location: Italy, Tolfa
Project start date: April 2011 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2011-010
Beneficiary: Associazione Mondi a Confronto Onlus

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The partnership between the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation and Mondi a Confronto Onlus dates back to 2011, when, at the request of the Foundation, the Association took over the management of what remained of the so-called “Tara Bianca” doghouse, founded by Anna Maria Szoldatics in 1984, initially to accommodate 11 abandoned dogs and later expanded to welcome 180 dogs.  

Following the death of Mrs. Szoldatics in 2007, for a few years the kennel had been maintained by a few volunteers from a local association, with the Nando Peretti Foundation covering food and veterinary costs. In 2011, due to the poor conditions of the kennel and the legal disputes relating to the land on which the kennel was located, the Foundation asked President of Mondi a Confronto, Mrs Maria Vittoria Tolazzi, to work towards the relocation and adoption of the 106 surviving dogs.

Over the years, from 2011 until 2017, with the constant financial support of NaEPF, Mondi a Confronto took care of the dogs still in Tolfa, providing them with food and veterinary care, while at the same time working to encourage their adoption and, therefore, their final transfer from Tolfa. 


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