Supporting the Activities of the "Tara Bianca Dog House" in Tolfa, Italy

Project location: Italy, Tolfa
Project start date: April 2011 - Project end date: This project covers various years
Project number: 2011-010
Beneficiary: Associazione Mondi a Confronto Onlus


Final Report timeline: April 2011- July 2014

In April 2011, at the request of the Nando Peretti Foundation Mondi a Confronto took over the management of Tara Bianca. At the time, 106 dogs were still living in Tolfa. The overall goal was then to take care of them, providing them with food and veterinary care on a daily basis, while at the same time working to encourage their adoption and, therefore, their final transfer from Tolfa.

By the end of 2011, 21 dogs had left Tolfa: 13 dogs transferred to a private kennel in Capena, near Rome; 6 dogs adopted; one dog looked after by a volunteer, and another one hosted in a veterinary clinic. Unfortunately 8 dogs had died since April, due to the old age in some cases and to tick bites causing internal bleeding in others.

All dogs transferred to Capena went through a check up at the ASTA clinic and were all neutered. Several of them spent a few days in the clinic to get special veterinary care; four of them underwent surgery to remove cancer, one had duodena hernia surgery, and another needed medical care for a bromus in an eye. All of them were being monitored at their arrival in Capena, and were enrolled into a special socialization programme.

As for the adoption procedure, all adoption applicants were first asked to answer a questionnaire; later a meeting between the dog and the new potential owner was organised, as well as a visit to the dog's new home.

By the end of April 2012, after a year from the start of the project, the dogs still in Tolfa had been reduced to 45. 18 dogs were hosted in the kennel in Capena, 4 dogs were in behaviour training, being almost ready for adoption, 6 dogs were hosted in private kennels, other 11 were adopted, while one more dog had died, having not survived to the heavy snowfall and cold in the month of February.

Starting from the summer 2012, Mondi a Confronto experienced logistic difficulties in the management of Tara Bianca, due to frequent shortage in water supply. Moreover, they stopped receiving payments from the Tolfa municipality, due to shortage of funds.

The beneficiary then started to look for alternative solutions, which would allow for a reduction of management costs. A good location in Palombara Sabina, previously used as a dog training camp, was found and eventually rent. Cleaning and renovation works in the Palombara Sabina's camp started in the fall of 2013.

By December 2013, the number of dogs still in Tolfa had been reduced from the original 106 to 35. 35 dogs had died from the start of the project in 2011. 21 dogs had been adopted. Extra 4 dogs had been transferred to Capena. And 6 dogs had been transferred to a private kennel in Barbarano Romano. 5 dogs were in behaviour training.

By the month of June 2014, other two dogs, one in Tolfa and another in Barbarano Romano, had died, being very old.

By July 2014 the situation for the Tara Bianca's dog was as follows:

34 dogs still in Tolfa;

4 dogs transferred to Acilia, in a private dog pension;

5 dogs transferred to Barbarano Romano, in a private pension surrounded by forests;

2 dogs transferred to S. Oreste, in a private pension;

1 dog transferred to Fiano Romano, hosted by a volunteer;

23 dogs adopted (from the start of the project in 2011)

37 dogs dead ( from the start of the project)

At the time this report was compiled (July 2014), Mondi a Confronto was preparing an agreement with the Municipality of Tolfa, which in view of the transfer of the remaining 34 dogs from Tolfa to private pensions elsewhere would guarantee an economic contribution from the municipality for a period of three years.

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