Renovation of the Existing Organic and Supportive Food Processing Laboratory for Workers with Disabilities

Project location: ITALY, Latina
Project start date: December 2011 - Project end date: February 2012
Project number: 2011-19
Beneficiary: Fattoria Solidale del Circeo Cooperativa di Produzione e Lavoro


The farm "Fattoria Solidale del Circeo" welcomes people with physical and mental disabilities and provides them with training opportunities aiming at facilitating their work placement. Three days a week the farm's refrigerator van goes to Rome to supply, with its organic products, private households and fair trade groups in the capital. The refrigerator van is filled up with boxes of vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products packaged carefully the day before by Piersilvio, Luca, Elisa and other disabled people involved in the Social Farm. Piersilvio selects the products from the fields and cleans the vegetables, taking care of their placement in the boxes. Luca manages dairy products and meat, checking weight and labeling. Elisa performs an additional check on the quality of products. Their work takes place inside the red store. It is not an easy job, and if the conditions are not optimal for a disabled boy it may be even more difficult.
The increase in the amount of work in recent years allowed the farm to create new jobs and hire new staff members with disabilities, but also has necessitated some renovation works on the buildings in which the activities take place.
The rooms previously used had become too narrow and the services offered were no longer sufficient to the needs of staff and customers. Thanks to the Nando Peretti Foundation the Farm now has a new warehouse, comfortable, friendly and barrier-free. Piersilvio, Luca and Elisa can now work in a new and safer environment.
In fact, the renovation of the warehouse which has recently been completed has significantly improved the working conditions of the young people visiting and working in the farm and especially a greater awareness of their own possibilities and a more optimistic approach towards life.
The new lighting system provides greater visibility, especially in the winter months. The new water system allows to proceed to the washing more conveniently and fast. Piersilvio was at the peak of happiness when he saw the new system of internal washing. The expansion of the warehouse, as well as ensuring a better ability of movements, allows easier access opportunities for guests on wheelchair, including disabled students who take part to the frequent educational visits to the farm with their classes.
The NPF contribution also allowed the farm to purchase important and necessary equipment for the warehouse activities: new refrigerators, in addition to a shelving wood and a fax and a printer machine.

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