Promotion of the Work of the Roman Architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio and of the Classical Architecture through the Publication of the Second Volume of the Series Published by Centro Studi Vitruviani “Vitruvio e l’archeologia”

Project location: Italy
Project start date: July 2013 - Project end date: July 2014
Project number: 2013-067
Beneficiary: Centro Studi Vitruviani


TIMELINE OF THIS FINAL REPORT: From October 2013 to July 2014

The project involved the publishing of the second volume of the series edited by the Centro Studi Vitruviani with the contribution of some experts whose studies were presented during the Third Symposium of Vitruvian Studies "Vitruvio e l'Archeologia tra norma e prassi" (Vitruvius and Archaeology: rules and practice) held in Fano in November 2012.

Thanks to the contribution of some of the leading scholars on this subject, the volume examines one of the most controversial issues of the relationship between Vitruvius and his age within the framework of the ancient history of art. The subject of the symposium was precisely the relationship between Vitruvius and Archaeology and between the rules that he attempted to convert into standards in his book and the building practice followed in ancient times. The debate focused on the development of the archaeological research - the volume collects the outcomes of this debate - which currently enables a deeper insight of monuments, temples, architects, proportions, etc. - mentioned in the De Architectura - thanks to the development of survey and analysis technologies increasingly advanced. The presentation of new and original data of reference concerning the Vitruvian information and rules enables us to take a major step forward within the complex and debated issue of the relationship between the rules given by the De Architectura and the Roman building practice.

Since October 2013 the Centro Studi Vitruviani primarily collected the written material and the related pictures from the authors of the essays. The work was delicate and complex because some authors would not provide the publisher Marsilio Editori in Venice with the complete material in due time. Secondarily the Centro Studi Vitruviani dealt with the editing of the volume in constant and frequent relation with both the publisher editors and the authors. The correction of proofs was particularly intensive: the Centro Studi Vitruviani returned the corrected essays to all the authors then collected their suggestions for corrections and changes of text and pictures. Eventually the Centro Studi Vitruviani carried out a careful and detailed check of the final proof to which the standard wording "to be printed" was given.

The Centro Studi Vitruviani therefore created a fine volume that Marsilio Editori published last 21st July and is now dealing with the distribution through both bookshops and web stores. Centro Studi Vitruviani and Marsilio Editori are currently dealing with the promotion of this volume. To this purpose the Centro Studi Vitruviani will organize a couple of presentations of the book: a regional presentation in Ancona at the Marche regional office and a national event in Rome at the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca.

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