Boma Bush: the forgotten hospital

Project location: Sudan
Project start date: March 2001 - Project end date: March 2002
Project number: 2000-07
Beneficiary: Institut Humanitaire Ici et Là-bas

The Nando Peretti Foundation has co-funded the Boma Bush Hospital in Southern Sudan together with the Institut Humanitaire Ici et Là-bas chaired by Mr. Bernard Kouchner, French Minister of Public Health. Our contribution allowed the hospital, which was expected to close by the end of December 2000, to continue its operation and to enhance its hosting and operating facilities.

The beneficiaries targeted by the program were an estimated total of 2,000 individuals monthly. The Foundation grant was utilized to replenish the stocks of foodstuff and medicines (especially the anti-malaria ones), to continue the tuberculosis vaccination program, to organize the transfers by plane to Kenya of patients in serious conditions, and to cover the costs of a phone connection (an essential instrument to react quickly and have expert advice available when needed).


Institut Humanitaire Ici et Là-bas
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