Support to the Operation Smile Peru Mission to Provide Free Medical and Surgical Care to Children Suffering from Cleft Lips and Cleft Palates

Project location: PERU, Lima
Project start date: April 2014 - Project end date: May 2014
Project number: 2014-001


Operation Smile first came to Peru in 1999, where 134 patients received free reconstructive surgery during the first cleft mission in Lima. Four years and five missions later, OS Peru expanded to three new sites and conducted its first locally-run mission in Trujillo in 2003. Since then OS Peru has reached nearly 4,000 patients in seven provinces throughout the country. Currently the foundation runs 6-7 local medical missions annually, in addition to one international mission in Lima where over 100 patients are treated surgically in a five-day period.

Early plans are also in place for a comprehensive care center where patients can receive integral care services such as speech therapy, psychological counseling, surgical evaluations, and dental care on an ongoing basis. This center will not only increase the capacity of patients that OS Peru can treat, but the quality and availability of essential services that enable patients and their families to reintegrate into society.

The latest Lima mission took place from May 23rd - 31st 2014. In total, OS team of 48 people, hailing from 9 countries, was able to provide free medical exams to 191 patients and perform 151 procedures on 112 patients at the Hospital Nacional Daniel Alcides Carrion. 93 of the 112 patients were priority one's and two's. This shows what a great need there is in Peru.

Statistical Data

-Number of volunteers - 48

-Number of countries represented - 9 (Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, and the US)

-Number of patients screened - 191

-Number of patients operated - 112

-Number of procedures - 151

-Post-op return rate - 100 of 112 patients returned for the one week post op and 55 patients returned for the 6 month post op

Operation Smile (OS) has developed priorities for patient selection as a means to address primary concerns of safe surgery and healthy recovery of patients. During the selection process, follow-up care, rehabilitation, and other therapies should be considered. Goal is to provide highest standard of care, safety and professionalism for the mission environment. Refer to "Age Minimums and Scheduling Policy".

A. Priority 1 - Primary Repair of Cleft Lip (Ages 6 months and older)

B. Priority 2 - Primary Repair of Cleft Palate (Ages 1 - 10 years)

C. Priority 3 - Primary Repair of Cleft Palate (Ages 11 to Adult)

D. Priority 4 - Secondary Repair of Lip or Palate (all ages)

E. Priority 5 - Other Conditions (all ages)

F. Not a Candidate

1. Patient's condition does not fall within any of the above categories treated by Operation Smile and is not a candidate for the current mission, any future mission, nor World Care.

Potential World Candidate

Candidate for surgery whose condition is too complex to be treated during an Operation Smile mission or are unable to receive surgery due to mission time or resource constraints.

International flights for medical volunteers were partly financed by the Nando Peretti Foundation and volunteers came all the way from Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, and the USA.

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