Supporting the exhibition and publication:  ‘Made in Italy: una visione modernista. Moda – Arte – Fotografia – Design. 1956-1965’ (Photographs:  Johnny Moncada)

Project location: Italy, Rome
Project start date: May 2014 - Project end date: August 2014
Project number: 2014-006
Beneficiary: Associazione Culturale Valentina Moncada


Made in Italy:  Una visione modernista.  Moda, Arte, Fotografia, Design. 1956-1965. (Photographs: Johnny Moncada) brings to light an amazing cultural collaboration between the arts in Rome at an incredible cultural moment of our history, more precisely the birth of Italian glamour coined as 'Made in Italy'.  These photographs have emerged during the research for the Johnny Moncada Archive, more precisely in Perugia, in the archives of fashion designer Luisa Spagnoli. These photographs document the collaboration between Johnny Moncada and artists Gastone Novelli and Achille Perilli.  Together, in the studio of  Moncada in Via Margutta, they worked for nine years creating fashion shoots for Italian pret-a-porter, where models were shot in front of backdrops created by the artists and integrated with extraordinary elements of Italian design, lamps and furniture.
The project proposes to recreate the atmosphere in the studio, exhibiting approx. 60 photographs by Johnny Moncada together with paintings and drawings by Novelli and Perilli from those years, creating a dialogue between the photographs, the backdrops,   paintings and drawings. Elements of design and dresses will also be included in the exhibition.
The Association believes that a catalogue documenting this collaboration is an important innovative contribution to the history of art and fashion of Italy.

The photographs from the Luisa Spagnoli Archive, circa 600, have been already digitalized.  A selection, circa 60,  will be made for the publication and exhibition and constitute the base of this project.

. The Association will operate the selection and work on the digital files for publications;
. A graphic project and layout will be realized;
. Texts will be written, translated and edited;
.  The volume will be printed and distributed.

The Nando Peretti Foundation has awarded a grant for this project. The creation of this publication represents a unique document in the history of Italian Art and Fashion.
The Association is planning to collaborate with AltaRoma July 2014 edition, as they have agreed to support the exhibition contributing with Installation, Public Relation and Press costs.  They are planning to make this exhibition the focus of their events and will fund costs for the cocktail party.
The Association believes that a publication is extremely important as it will circulate among a specialized public during the AltaRoma events and in time through to a larger audience through distribution.


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