No Boundaries for Disabled Teenagers

Project location: ITALY
Project start date: September 2001 - Project end date: June 2002
Project number: 2001-11
Beneficiary: C.O.E.S.


COES ONLUS (Centro di occupazione ed educazione per subnormali) is a non-profit organization which helps patients suffering from neuropsychiatric handicap. The main goals of the Organization are:

a) to study and implement special projects finalized to school training and education, recovery, job training and any kind of social recovery for the mentally handicapped people;

b) to train the relatives of the mental handicapped people and to implement the training of specialized personnel.

c) to establish relationships with public and private associations or organizations having the same goals.

The Nando Peretti Foundation  has awarded grants for these prjects to implement a particular service with a strong integration with social and the health characteristics. The project is addressed to teenagers with psychological and psychiatric problems such as slightly slow and borderline cognitive delays. The main goal is to develop personal projects to increase the social, psychological, interpersonal learning processes.






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